Fernvale Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

Fernvale Primary School

Fernvale Primary School Logo

Guide to Know About Fernvale Primary School

Femvale has placed a strong emphasis on instilling morals in young people. The school values of graciousness, respect, responsibility, resilience, and integrity are what they want learners to carry as they progress through life. They also wish youngsters to be self-assured and respectful of others’ perspectives. The Fernvale Primary School teaches children self-directed and collaborative learning skills.

School Mission and Vision

The mission is to cultivate a love of learning, diverse talents, and a desire to help others.

Vision – tomorrow’s Global Students

Programs and services that are distinctive

Through active participation in Sports, Outdoor Education, Speech & Drama, and Visual & Performing Arts, the Programme for Active Learning develops social-emotional learning skills in P1-P2 students at Fernvale Primary School.

Students’ fitness gets improved through activities like the Morning Wellness Program, Play@Recess, and Sports Club.

Art Talk for Everyone is a program that aims to help people understand and appreciate various art forms.

Classroom leaders, prefects & CCA leaders, and prefects at EXCO are all targeted by Student Leadership, a three-tiered approach that includes Self, Team, and Thought Leadership.

Students gain confidence, resilience, and teamwork through P5 and P6 camps and strong teacher-student bonds.

The Guided Reading program for Foundation pupils in grades P1-P3 and P5-P6 develops a diverse vocabulary. While reading the Little Red Dot, P4-P6 kids employ Socratic questioning to improve critical thinking skills. Read & Share@Fernvale fosters a passion for Mother Tongue literature.

Everyone can benefit from math trials to improve their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

P1-P2 students participate in the Budding Scientists program, which fosters scientific curiosity. P4-P6 students get helped by Science Talk. Busking @Recess allows P6 kids to conduct experiments and explain scientific concepts to their friends.

Use of ICT in Project Work, classroom activities, and learning journeys to help all students develop self-directed and collaborative learning abilities.

Greenova’s Learning for Life Program develops inventive and responsible environmentalists who care for and advocate for the environment in the classroom and the community. Students recycle, decrease food waste, and with new water-saving ideas.

Events Conducted

  • Learning Journeys
  • P4 Traffic Game LJ @ECP
  • P4 Art Museum Based Learning (MBL)
  • CCA Leadership Training
  • P6 ESCAPE Room
  • SwimSafer
  • Childrens Day Celebration

School Sports, clubs, and activities


  • Art & Craft Club
  • Green Club
  • Media-Journalism Club

Uniformed Groups

  • Scouts


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Wushu


  • Dance
  • Guzheng
  • Guitar
  • Percussion

School Rules and Regulation

  • CCAs, remedial/supplementary classes, enrichment programs, and other school activities need students to arrive on time.
  • A Medical Certificate (MC) or a letter of excuse from a parent must accompany a student’s absence from school.
  • Students who need to leave school early must first obtain permission from their teacher and then report to the office. The student’s parents will get contacted to pick him up.

School Crest

When combined, the stylized letters F and V that make up the school’s emblem create the cross-section of a fearless lion’s head. The lion represents the spirit of Fernvale Primary, which is “Daring and Courageous.” It is courageous, bold, and strong.

A solid ring surrounds the stylized letters, signifying Fernvale Primary’s all-encompassing, holistic education. The color green transmit a “nurturing” feeling, which adds to the holistic effect.

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