Frontier Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

Frontier Primary School

Frontier Primary School Logo

Guide to know about the Frontier Primary School

Frontier Primary School opened its doors in 2011. The school, which get now located at 20 Jurong West Street 61, first opened its doors in 2014. The school has routinely engaged parents in discussions about their aims and objectives for their students since its inception. The Frontier Primary School has stated these in its Vision, Mission, and Values and continues to relate to them in the conception and design of its learning experiences and inputs from internal and external assessments.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an essential part of a child’s education during his formative years. The CCA experience is an aspect of a child’s overall educational development. Our P3 SCCA program gets created to introduce the concept of CCAs to our pupils, providing them with a broad-based exposure to the physical, cognitive, and aesthetics. Students will learn about their interests and abilities through CCAs. They can polish their abilities and talents. Have the option to specialize or compete in a competitive environment. Primary 3 students will be able to choose and participate in CCAs beginning in 2019. The following CCAs are now available at Frontier Primary School.

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art and Craft Club
  • Choir
  • Dance – Chinese
  • Danzwhiz
  • Ensemble – String

Physical Sports

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Sport Climbing

Uniformed Groups

  • Scouts
  • Singapore Red Cross Society

Clubs and Societies

  • Robotics/New Media Club


Frontier Primary School curriculum includes English, Science, Mathematics, Mother Tongue Languages, PE, Art, and Music (PAM).

School Vision:

 Adaptable Individuals. Passionate Leaders.Confident Thinkers.

School Mission:

Every Frontier gets taught to think deeply, accept diversity, and act as a role model for overcoming future obstacles.

Schools Philosophy, culture, and ethos :

Our idea of ‘Strong Fundamentals, Future Learning’ guides us in providing a holistic education that prepares our students to flourish in a fast-changing, globally linked world. Our goal is for our pupils to have solid foundations so that they may engage in future learning. Frontier believes that students should be at the center of all we do. We want our students to become self-assured thinkers, adaptive people, and enthusiastic leaders in the twenty-first century.

Through interest and engaging, and enlightening learning experiences, we try to deliver a comprehensive education to all of our students. We are concerned about our students’ socio-emotional development so that they can care for themselves and others. We stay current on successful teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogies. Staff members must also develop themselves so that we can always provide our best to our students.

School Rules:

  • Students should uphold the school’s basic principles.
  •  Students should proudly sing the school song.
  •  At all times, students should be respectful, courteous, and well-behaved.
  •  When students see professors, staff, or guests, they should welcome them.
  • Students must maintain a sense of order and self-discipline at all times.
  • Students must be on time for school and all extracurricular activities.
  • Students must respect school property and submit all assignments on time.
  • Students must be alert at all times.
  • Students are not permitted to have any weapons in their possession. 

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