Greenridge Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

Greenridge Primary School

Greenridge Primary School Logo

Guide to know about Greenridge Primary School

The school promotes Positive Education, which focuses on individual strengths and motivation to improve teaching and learning. They help to establish values and develop growth mindsets by allowing pupils to understand that they may have a purpose and an impact on others by encouraging them to think beyond themselves.


The Greenridge Primary School (GRPS) opened in January 1995 to meet the increased demand for primary schools in Bukit Panjang New Town. Eight classes of 285 primary students get accommodated in two different schools on the estate at the time. In January 1996, twelve more classes gets added, and they get moved to a new school in Chua Chu Kang New Town. In January 1997, the school relocated to Jelapang Road.

PRIME began in November 2000 and ended in April 2003 at the company’s current location. The school’s facilities get expanded and improved to accommodate the growing number of students.

School Vision and Mission

Vision – engaged Learners, Caring Leaders

Mission – nurturing Lifelong learners who are gracious, responsible, and public-spirited.

School Curriculum

The Greenridge Primary School teaches English, Mother Tongue languages, Mathematics, Science, and other core subjects. CCE, Student Well-Being, ICT/MRL, PE, CCA, and Aesthetics are the remaining departments.

Programs and Services

Student Well-Being is a program at Greenridge Primary School that focuses on character development, student counseling, discipline and order, and leadership training to assist students in reaching their full potential.

Teachings and Learning Framework

Greenridge Primary School strives to help pupils reach their full potential (Every Child, an Engaged Learner). To that aim, the MOE PETALS-based Teaching and Learning Framework intend to foster active learning.

The Teaching and Learning Framework resembles a highly lit bulb powered by four different energy sources. The four energy sources represent the GRPS curriculum’s main aspects. Strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, 21st Century Competencies, and Technology-enabled Learning will get incorporated into the forward-thinking and ability-based curriculum to guarantee that our kids are future-ready. Differentiated Support is a feature of the GRPS curriculum that ensures that the requirements of children with varying learning speeds get fulfilled through our individualized programs.

The PETALs framework gets used to make the GRPS T & L framework’s filament. GRPS identifies Pedagogies that promote student engagement in learning; create meaningful Experiences of Learning that stimulate thinking and independent learning. Cultivates a safe and trusting tone of the environment; uses assessment to inform teaching and improve student learning and engagement; and provides students with developmentally appropriate and authentic Learning Content, all based on PETALs.

Greenridge Primary School Non-Academic Achievements

  • Sports Climbing (6)
  • National Primary Schools
  • Sport Climbing Championship 2018
  • Senior Boys Team 2nd Place
  • Boulder Senior Boys 3rd Place
  • Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng (20)
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2018

School Badge

The three peaks in the background represent the motto: Gracious, Responsive, and Public-spirited.

The fourth peak in the front represents a healthy Greenridgean ready to meet the difficulties ahead. The fifth peak in the center signifies the development of a global citizen who is willing to serve the broader community and beyond. The ridge represents the impact Greenridgeans will have on the community by demonstrating character, integrity, and exceptional citizenship values.

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