Hillgrove Secondary School

by | Jun 22, 2022

Hillgrove Secondary School

Hillgrove Secondary School Entrance

Unique Specifications Of Hilgrove Secondary School

Hillgrove Secondary School is a co-educational public secondary school in Singapore’s CE Ordinary Level or Singapore Cambridge GCE Normal Level examinations.


Hillgrove Secondary School’s vision of “Reflective Learners, Caring Changemakers” outlines a network of people who will learn, unlearn, and relearn for the sake of others. Hillgrovians can be developed to our maximum potential so that we can make a difference in our network and the industry at large. Hillgrovians, as Reflective Learners, like learning and discover learning to be meaningful and pertinent to real life. We take ownership of our learning and adapt our efforts to enhance mastery. We find and extend our interests and abilities, igniting a desire for lifelong learning.

Hillgrovians care about what themes are vital to our network as Caring Changemakers. To make extra happen, we gather information and sources. Making a difference inside ourselves first, we urge and influence others to do the same.

Hillgrove Secondary School


Hillgrovians who Learn, Care and Make a Difference get nurtured. Every Hillgrovian will always:

  • Learn with zeal and give your all.
  • Consider your own and others’ desires.
  • Make a Difference via the application of knowledge, talents, and management.

School Echos and culture: 

Hillgrove Secondary School is the college’s heartbeat. It determines how we want to tell stories and paint alongside one another. It reflects the college’s preference for service to others. It is ready to help each other be our best. It is also about the college banding together to jump as one.

Hillgrove Secondary School Class

School Philosophy:

Hillgrove Secondary School believes in students’ potential and works to develop their character and help them achieve.

ICR3 Values: 

  • Integrity  
  • Care  
  • Resilience  
  • Respect  
  • Responsibility 


Integrity is being truthful, upright, and ethical courage to do what is right.


Care can reveal warmth and compassion.

Hillgrove Secondary School Music


Respect is the ability to show admiration for the value of a person or thing. It comprises respect for oneself, respect for the rights and dignity of other people, respect for college regulations, and respect for the environment.


The task is the capacity to accomplish something as part of your activity or responsibility since it is ethically and socially correct.


The ability to persist in adversity without giving up is known as resilience.

Hillgrove Secondary School Hallway

School crest:

The school sign is on a white background. A group of trees with interconnecting trunks marks it. It represents a grove, which was by the school’s name. The tribal link symbolises the active engagement between Hillgrove instructors and students. It also reflects the moral and spiritual support provided for one another. The slope at the base indicates that the trees have deep roots and are located high on a hill. It is another allusion to the school’s name.

The enormous crown of eighteen leaves of varied sizes signifies healthy development that will provide protection and shade to those in need. The usual greenery represents the same goal and togetherness shared by staff and students. When combined, the design components represent the school’s commitment to creating a secure place that supports young people to develop the values and abilities needed to face life’s problems.

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