Jiemin Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Jiemin Primary School

Jiemin Primary School Students

Distinctive Programmes and services of Jiemin Primary School

Jiemin Primary strives to provide pupils with 21st-century skills and a solid foundation in languages, mathematics, and science. They get dedicated to working with parents and the community to provide a welcoming, engaging, safe, and inclusive environment.

School history

In January 1985, Jiemin Primary School opened with 23 classes on Yishun Street 71, while Peixin Primary School added 16 courses. Another 13 Classes from West Hill Primary School were added to the school in March of that year, bringing the total number of Classes to 52. Peixin students, on the other hand, relocated to their own Yishun Ring Road location in June of the same year. Jiemin derived from two traditional Chinese schools, Jiegu and Quanmin Public Schools, which operated in Bukit Merah until 1984. 

The  Jiemin Primary School has always prioritized providing students with a comprehensive, meaningful, well-balanced education. Academic excellence, as well as Co-Curricular Activities, are vital to them. They also believe in providing a secure and favorable learning environment for our students.

School Curriculum

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – “Journalist in the Making”

Students’ critical thinking, oral and written communication abilities, and confidence to speak and Write on any issue at the class, school, or community level are goals of this program. Students’ confidence can get built through giving presentations during recess and school events. Students interested in learning more about journalism can join the Journalists’ Club, where they can attend workshops and platforms such as reporting real-time news at school events to learn more about what it takes to be a journalist.

Learning For Life Programme (LLP) 

Students learn to sketch, play instruments, compose songs, and enjoy music and art through structured Art and Music Curricula as part of the Learning for Life Programme, Aesthetics Alive. During recess, students can try out various musical instruments and dances. Students with a passion for dance and music can join Performing Arts CCAs like Modern Jazz Dance and Angklung Ensemble, where they can learn more specific skills while also developing team spirit and leadership qualities.

Program for P4 to P6 students 

P4 to P6 students utilize the ECG portal to learn more about themselves and the types of secondary schools appropriate for them. This information helps them make educated decisions. P6 students participate in a one-day immersion program at a few secondary schools to get a taste of secondary school life and a better understand the curriculum. The kids can learn more about secondary school life and the careers of their choice by attending career presentations and speeches given by past students.

Classroom Cleanliness Campaign (School-Wide VIA)

Starting this year, every student in Primary 1 through 6 is responsible for keeping their classrooms and corridors tidy. Daily cleaning tasks include washing the floors, arranging tables and chairs, and wiping the whiteboards. It seeks to instill ideals like accountability, and environmental care and respect. The cleanliness of the classrooms will be checked and monitored by the on-duty teachers. Classes that are regularly clean and neat get certificates, and the cleanest class at each level a bunting flag. Mdm Susan Koh is a writer (VIA Coordinator)

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