Jurong Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Jurong Primary School

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What are the Programs Available in Jurong Primary School?

A school relocated in 2006 along Jurong East Street 32. The school offers a variety of programs to assist students in improving their exam grades and scores, including the ‘STAR’ program and the TAF program. Its PE T-shirt is blue, as is its uniform. 

Taufik Batisah and Elvin Ng attended Boon Lay Primary School and Jurong Primary School when they were younger. Continue reading about the programs available in Jurong Primary School.

Mission and Vision of the School

Vision – a thriving community of kind citizens and eager students

Mission – develop well-rounded students with grace, distinction, and moral convictions prepared to take on new challenges.

Every Child Leads in an Instrumental Performance (ECLIP) Program

Each child will go through the ECLIP program, one-of-a-kind music, and leadership curriculum at Jurong Primary School. Students get exposed to a wide range of musical instruments throughout the program, from percussive instruments such as boomwhackers to keyboards. Students’ instrument mastery demonstrates their ability to lead as individuals. They give students various opportunities to demonstrate creativity, effective communication, and leadership skills across various topic fields.

Every Child is A Leader (ECAL)

Since 2015, the school has used the Every Child A Leader @ JPS (ECAL@JPS) initiative to instill values and leadership skills as part of its comprehensive education. The Leader in Me (TLIM) framework, based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the school’s three-tier student leadership paradigm of Lead Self, Lead Peers, and Lead Team, is the foundation of ECAL@JPS. Students get opportunities to practice TLIM in character development platforms such as Values In Action (VIA), Program for Active Learning (PAL), Student Leadership Development Programs, and Interdisciplinary Project Work.

ORACY@JPS – Signature Programs

The Oracy@JPS curriculum is a 6-year program that attempts to improve students’ language abilities and competencies. It uses a variety of platforms to help students improve their language abilities and confidence to become more effective and confident speakers.

Character Development

The Jurong Primary School’s whole-school approach to character development depends on an integrated Character Development School Framework anchored on the values of equipping Jurong Primary students with Life skills, Leadership opportunities, and Citizenship through an awareness-appreciation-action approach. Students get taught how to display these principles Through assembly talks and Lifeskills classes. 

Counseling Programme

The counseling service in Jurong Primary strives to foster resiliency in JPS students so that they can be citizens who reach’ reach out’ to others when they face life’s obstacles as a support to the Pupil Management Department. A full-time counselor is on staff at the school to help students with their behavioral and emotional problems.

Rainbows Programme

The Rainbows Program offers help to children who have lost a parent or are going through a family split. Its goal is to bring together youngsters who have experienced various losses or challenging transitions. While these children share their sorrow stories, trained facilitators LISTEN to them. Teachers identify students, and parental approval gets obtained before they get enrolled in the session. The facilitators accompany the child on their journey of self-awareness and healing. 

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