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by | May 25, 2022

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Do You Know About The Co Curriculum Of Keming Primary School?

It found in 1935 with funds donated by public-spirited and charitable pioneers who believed in defying all odds to provide education to the peasants. They think the great way to enhance the villagers’ livelihood was through education. The Chinese medium school was named Keok Ming Public School in honour of the belief. Today,  Keming Primary School remains committed to working with the community to provide the finest possible education for our students, allowing them to reach their full potential and “Grow and Glow” into decent and helpful citizens who will contribute positively to society.


When a Keming Primary School student can enjoy the arts and participate in arts activities, he will be Aesthetically Aware. All students will be involved in the Arts through the Arts4U@Keming Program, and an Appreciative Audience student will be an Active Listener and a Supportive Peer. Students will receive Arts Exposure, Arts Enrichment & Excursion, and Arts Excellence platforms to grow in areas of Music, Art (Visual), Drama, and Dance through the Arts4U@Keming Program after six years in Keming (MADD).

The following are examples of arts exposure events:

  • assembly items, noticeboard art displays, and recess activities

Excursions and enrichment activities in the arts include:

  •  extracurricular activities (such as Body Percussion, Dance, and Ethnic Art projects), theatre and museum visits.


The Art Department focuses on the art-making process. Our teachers use the Seeing-Expressing-Appreciating method to encourage our students to appreciate art not by looking at the finished product but also by considering how they made their pieces and how they felt after they finished. Foster active processing and reflection in the creating process, we use Artful Thinking tools like See-Think-Wonder and Step Inside.

In lower primary, our pupils taught the fundamentals of drawing and colouring, blending techniques with crayons and painting. They will learn about the works of notable artists like Vincent Van Gog and Andy Warhol and participate in creating artworks in their style.


The Music Department carefully follows the new Music syllabus and incorporates enjoyable elements into sessions by including movement and dance. Individually and students will expose to various musical styles and instruments. Students will acquire fundamental music abilities such as solfege and develop their auditory and vocal domains in the lower levels.

From Primary 3 to 5, all children will improve their musical talents by playing at least two musical instruments, the recorder and xylophone. They’ll also get a chance to part in music enrichment programmes that encourage ensemble play. In 2016, all our Primary six children participated in a 10-week jazz/hip hop dance course with an outside vendor.

Lifelong Learning Program(LLP)

The school’s objective of “Connecting Hearts, Engaging Minds” is reflected in the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Character Development via Sports. After being exposed to various sports, pupils are more likely to develop values and attitudes such as teamwork and fair play (Connecting Hearts) and abilities necessary to excel at the games (Engaging Minds). Students or student-athletes are aware of their strengths after six years of sporting experience in school and have established a passion for the sport or wish to pursue sports as a lifelong/career aspiration.

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