Jurong West Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Jurong West Primary School

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Everything Should Know about Jurong West Primary School

Juying Primary School opened its doors on January 4, 1999, with seven Primary One classes. It relocated to this location on June 28, 1999. Mr. Cedric Foo, Minister of State for Defence and Member of Parliament for West Coast GRC, Pioneer Division, officially opened the facility on April 6, 2002.

School Focus Areas

The Jurong West Primary School gets dedicated to providing a broad-based, holistic education for kids in 2022 and beyond. They get focused on three areas: Learn for Life, Embrace All Learners, and Improve Student Well-being.

Lifetime Learning

Future-ready students must have a comprehensive knowledge base and practical abilities in Jurong West Primary School. As a result, learning packages get created to assist pupils in preparing for future challenges. These packages get designed to assist students in acquiring new academic and non-academic knowledge, skills, and values. Academic Proficiency, Life Skill, and Leadership Development Packages are among the packages available. They also attempt to achieve the school’s objective of developing each JWPS student into an engaged Learner, a reflective THInker, and a selfless Leader.

Embrace All Learners

All pupils have a wide range of abilities and learning requirements. They place a high value on accepting and developing each one. They provide students with the Baseline Support Package, the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Package, and the ‘Diversity in Strength’ Package. And the Lift-up Support Package to assist them in maximizing their learning potential and achieving competency and success in their unique ways. They support and urge all learners to take responsibility for their learning through these packages.

Enhance Student Well-being

Student happiness is crucial to their overall success. With this in mind, the school creates a safe and positive learning environment that encourages holistic child development, including the head, body, and mind. Students get packages to concentrate on their physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral development. Physical Well-Being, Social and Emotional Well-Being, Moral Well-Being, and Talent Development Packages are examples of such packages.

School Curriculum

Jurong West Primary School offers courses in English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue Languages to provide kids with the best learning experience possible.

School Distinctive Program

Applied Learning Program – Art in Communication for Personal Excellence

Art in Communication for Personal Excellence aims to improve student’s communication and learning skills by exposing them to current events in their daily lives, such as racial harmony, outdoor education, and healthy living. The acquired knowledge gets then turned into purposeful action through digital storytelling, Healthy recipe sharing, interviewing protocol, and newscasting.

They hope to produce self-assured communicators and creative persons well-versed in school fundamental values their efforts. The school has intentionally infused school niches into curriculums like PAL, NE, and IPW to ensure its pervasiveness.

Student Management Department

To serve children with special education and needs, the school uses a Tiered System of Support (TSS). The several requirements and intensity of support necessary for each student gets determined by examining their performance and progress. The TSS aids in the labor, time, physical space, and financial resources allocation more effectively and efficiently.

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