Juying Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Juying Primary School

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Is Juying Primary School Getting Ready For Merging?

Ju Eng Public School in Jalan Kayu was the beginning of Juying Primary School. Mr Ang Oon Hui established the school as a Chinese-aided institution in 1940. Ju Eng is pronounced “Juying,” means “a gathering of skills” in Hanyu Pinyin. The school was closed during the Japanese occupation but reopened in 1945. Ju Eng Public School remained open until 1987 when forced to close owing to declining enrolment. The spirit of community service continued, and Mr Ang Oon Hui converted the  Juying Primary School building into a Home that provides welfare services for the aged and needy of all races and religions.

Engaging Minds and Touching Hearts

Juying Primary School’s objective has always been to provide a high-quality education that develops our students holistically. We think that every child can learn and want to learn. We reach out to people’s hearts and minds. Juying Primary School addition to providing strives to maximise each child’s potential catering. To the diverse needs and interests of students in various designed and innovative programmes. Our students have performed well in academic and non-academic realms Olympiad, prizes and accolades in aesthetics and physical domains.

New beginnings for Pioneer Primary and Juying Primary

Pioneer Primary School and Juying Primary School students and staff honoured the start of a new chapter on Thursday morning with a 3km walk, a new school song, uniform, and crest (Nov 25). At around 8.30 a.m., roughly ten Pioneer Primary children took a symbolic 30-minute walk from their school to the Juying Primary site. Pioneer Primary children encountered five Juying Primary students in the middle of the race, accompanied by their instructors.

They walked the final mile to Juying Primary School, located at 31 Jurong West St 91 and drums. It is where the merged school will be until 2025, when the first primary school in the new Tengah district. While it will be known as Pioneer Primary School, its Chinese name will remain Juying. The Jurong Region Line will replace the current Pioneer Primary facility at 23 Jurong West Street 81.

The First Of Nine School Combination

Between 2022 and 2024, the Ministry of Education (MOE) declared four pairs of elementary schools and five secondary schools. Due to lowering birth rates and shifting demography in housing estates, several schools have reported declining enrolment also stated that demand for school places in newer estates with younger families is increasing. Both Juying Primary and Pioneer Primary are in established residential zones, and enrolment at both schools has been “dropping continuously” in recent years to the Ministry of Education. 

Prepare For The Merger

Mdm Loke recalled the hard work put in by employees and teachers of both schools in preparation for the merger in the short nine months since announced. In their approaches to incorporating environmental sustainability into the curriculum and students’ learning, the two schools discovered common ground new school feature an applied learning programme centred on it. Every kid from both schools submitted a unique doodle, which merged to create an art piece that now sits in Juying Primary’s foyer. 

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