Jing Shan Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Jing Shan Primary School

Jing Shan Primary School Logo

What You Need To Know About Jing Shan Primary School

Jing Shan Primary first opened its doors in Cheng Sua Lai in 1945 as a Chinese-medium school, developed to provide education to youngsters in this area by local Chinese businesspeople and members of the rural community. It was known as Cheng San School but later renamed Chin San School, which means “Tranquil Hill” rather than “Green Hill.” The  Jing Shan Primary School located in the current Serangoon Gardens Development before being relocated to 502 Cheng San Road when the estate developed in the 1950s.

The students were highly from the kampung’s farming families, and they spoke in Chinese dialects. Many of them had to walk for at least half an hour to get to school. The facilities get primitive at the time, with bricks forming half of the walls and zinc plates forming the other half. The school was separated into two sessions because the building was tiny. Students could attend classes in the morning or afternoon based on which level they were in

School Facilities

Under the Ministry of Education’s PRIME program, Jing Shan Primary School was restored and reopened in 2003. (Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing Schools). The school gets regularly upgraded to accommodate the changing needs of students.

There are three major blocks in the school (A, B, and C). The canteen, multi-purpose hall, school library, and foyer are all located in Block A. The General Office, administrative and staff rooms, and special-purpose rooms get located in Block B. Block C houses the majority of the classrooms, learning labs, and after-school care center.

A grass field, a netball court, and a basketball court are among the outdoor sporting facilities available at the school.

School Curriculum

Jing Shan Primary School offers classes in English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology, and their respective mother tongues to help pupils achieve their full potential.

Distinctive Programs and Services

Every department has its distinctive curriculum, tailored to the student’s specific interests. These initiatives get created to motivate and inspire pupils to continue learning and achieving in areas where they are interested.


The school’s Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program supplements the academic curriculum by allowing students to discover their hobbies, skills, and limitations outside of the classroom. Other vital Co-Curriculum components, such as Values in Action (VIA) and Student Leadership Development (SLD), are incorporated into the CCA structure to help students develop holistically. Students learn sound principles, develop character strength, and form camaraderie through these programs, promoting healthy habits and life skills, a sense of aesthetics, and an active lifestyle. They provide a total of 17 CCAs to meet the needs of students with various strengths and interests.

School Crest

The book on the school’s crest represents knowledge, which students must strive for through hard work and determination. The torch symbolizes education, which directs and leads students toward wisdom and advancement. Jing Shan gets represented by the letters J S, white on a blue backdrop. White represents eternal purity and virtue, while blue represents fidelity. As the motto “Onward We Strive” suggests, students get expected to do their best and strive for a brighter future.

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