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What is a Jumbo Flat in Singapore? 

What is a Jumbo Flat in Singapore

A Jumbo Flat Eligibility in Singapore refers to a type of housing that combines two adjacent HDB flat units into one, creating a larger living space.

These giant flats are typically found in non-mature estates and are popular among multi-generational families seeking ample space for their loved ones.

Jumbo flats offer the convenience of a single housing loan and provide more room for extended family members.

They are an affordable option for Singaporean citizens looking for a bigger living space without the high prices associated with private property.

The resale price of jumbo flats is generally lower compared to condos, and buyers can also benefit from government subsidies and loan options.

Jumbo flat units come in various configurations, including 3-gen units, 5-room units, and adjoining 3-bedroom or smaller flats.

Before purchasing a jumbo flat, potential buyers should consider factors such as floor plan, floor size, location, 99-year lease, and eligibility conditions.

It is recommended to consult with a real estate agent and assess their financial situation to determine if a jumbo flat is the ideal option for them.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

For those looking to upsize their living space in Singapore, jumbo flats offer a great solution.

These unique properties provide larger living areas by combining two adjoining HDB flats into a single unit.

In this article, we will explore what jumbo flats are, the types available, and the benefits of owning one.

Definition of a Jumbo Flat

A jumbo flat, also known as a jumbo HDB flat, is a type of public housing in Singapore.

It refers to two adjoining HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats that have been merged to create a larger living space.

This allows residents to enjoy more spacious and flexible living arrangements.

Types of Jumbo Flats in Singapore

Jumbo flats are typically created by combining two adjoining HDB units.

These flats can be found in various HDB estates across Singapore.

While most jumbo flats are formed by merging two 4-room or 5-room flats, there are also instances of larger flat types, such as executive flats, being combined.

Jumbo flats offer more living space and are a popular choice for families or individuals looking for larger homes without the cost of private condominiums.

Benefits of Buying a Jumbo Flat

The main benefit of purchasing a jumbo flat is the increased living space it provides.

With the combination of two flats, jumbo flats offer more rooms and a larger floor area.

This extra space allows for greater flexibility in interior design and provides an opportunity for homeowners to customize the layout to suit their needs.

Additionally, owning a jumbo HDB flat can also be financially advantageous as they are more affordable compared to private condominiums or landed properties.


In summary, jumbo flats in Singapore offer the opportunity to upgrade to a larger living space without breaking the bank.

Whether you are a growing family or simply prefer more spacious accommodations, a jumbo flat could be the ideal choice for you

Key Takeaways

  1. What is a Jumbo Flat? Jumbo flats in Singapore are created by combining two adjoining HDB flats, offering more living space and customization options.
  2. Types of Jumbo Flats Jumbo flats can be formed by merging 4-room or 5-room HDB flats, and even larger flat types, like executive flats.
  3. Benefits of Jumbo Flats Jumbo flats provide increased living space, flexibility in interior design, and are more affordable than private condominiums.
  4. Eligibility to Buy Eligibility depends on citizenship, age, income, and property ownership, with specific criteria for different groups.
  5. How to Buy a Jumbo Flat To buy a new jumbo flat, you need to meet eligibility criteria, including being a Singapore citizen, age requirements, and financial commitments. You can apply for a loan from HDB. For resale jumbo flats, explore the resale market.
  6. Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme This scheme allows combining two adjacent flats into a jumbo flat. Eligibility is based on the location of flats, Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), and approval for selling before the MOP ends.
  7. Benefits and Drawbacks of Conversion Scheme The scheme provides more living space and financial assistance but may involve significant costs and has limited availability.
  8. Popular Jumbo HDB Flat Locations Jurong East, Tampines, and Punggol are vibrant residential areas with well-planned housing options and convenient amenities. Tampines offers the Flat Conversion Scheme for existing HDB flat owners.
  9. Housing Application in Tampines Apply for a flat through the regular HDB flat application process, with high availability due to continuous development projects.
  10. Punggol Rental Properties Punggol, located between Woodlands and Yishun, offers a peaceful environment, convenient amenities, and diverse rental options, free from ethnic quota restrictions.

Eligibility to Buy a Jumbo Flat in Singapore: Type of HDB

Eligibility to Buy a Jumbo Flat in Singapore

Citizenship and Age Requirements

To be eligible to buy a jumbo flat in Singapore, individuals must meet certain requirements regarding citizenship and age.

These requirements vary depending on whether the individual is a Singapore citizen, a Permanent Resident, or falls under specific eligibility criteria.

For Singapore citizens, there is no minimum age requirement to purchase a jumbo flat.

However, the individual must be at least 21 years old to enter into a legal contract.

Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible to buy jumbo flats as well.

The minimum age requirement is 21 years old, and PRs must have a valid re-entry permit to qualify for the purchase.

Specific eligibility criteria may apply to individuals such as divorced or widowed parents with eligible children, or single parents with Singaporean citizenship.

Income Requirements

There are income requirements that must be met to purchase a jumbo flat.

The income guidelines are set by the Housing Development Board (HDB) and vary depending on the size of the flat and the intended financing options.

The income assessment takes into account the buyer’s gross monthly household income, which includes higher amounts for extended families.

Other factors that may impact eligibility include Central Provident Fund (CPF) usage, resale levy, and the non-citizen spouse (if applicable).

Property Ownership Requirements

When it comes to property ownership requirements, individuals who already own a Housing Development Board (HDB) unit may be eligible to purchase a jumbo flat if they meet certain criteria.

The government allows existing HDB flat owners to own a jumbo flat, purchase two smaller flats, or purchase a second subsidised HDB flat under specific conditions.


It’s important to note that eligibility requirements for purchasing a jumbo flat may change over time due to government policies and regulations.

Therefore, it’s advisable to check the latest information provided by the HDB or consult with a real estate professional to get the most accurate and up-to-date eligibility criteria.

How to Buy a Jumbo Flat in Singapore: Regular HDB Resale

How to Buy a Jumbo Flat in Singapore

If you are considering purchasing a jumbo flat in Singapore, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria and the different options available.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Buying a New Jumbo Flat from HDB

To buy a new jumbo flat from the Housing and Development Board (HDB), there are certain eligibility criteria you need to meet.

These include being a Singapore citizen, at least 21 years old, and forming a family nucleus with other eligible buyers.

You will also need to fulfill the income ceiling requirement and not own any other residential property.

When buying a new jumbo flat, you can apply for a new loan from HDB.

The loan amount will depend on factors such as your income, financial commitments, and creditworthiness.

Buying a Resale Jumbo Flat

If you prefer purchasing a resale jumbo flat, you can explore the resale market or consider the Sale of Balance Flats (SBF).

SBF allows eligible buyers to purchase unsold flats from previous HDB sales exercises.

The resale market offers a wider range of choices, but you will need to engage a property agent to assist you in the buying process.

Financing Options for Jumbo Flat Purchases

For financing your jumbo flat purchase, you can approach various financial institutions in Singapore, such as banks, for a housing loan.

The loan amount and interest rates will depend on factors such as your income, creditworthiness, and the Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio set by the authorities.

It is advisable to compare different financing options and select the one that offers the most suitable terms for your needs.

You can also seek advice from a financial advisor to help you make an informed decision.

In conclusion, buying a jumbo flat in Singapore requires meeting the eligibility criteria and exploring the available options for financing.

By understanding the process, you can make a well-informed decision and find the jumbo flat that suits your requirements.

Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

Eligibility for the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

If you are a homeowner in Singapore looking to create more living space, the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme might be the right option for you.

Under this scheme, owners of regular HDB flats have the opportunity to combine two adjacent flats into a single jumbo flat.

To be eligible for the conversion scheme, there are a few criteria that need to be met.

Firstly, the existing HDB flats must be located in the same block and on the same storey.

Additionally, the owner must fulfill the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) requirement of the existing flats.

This means that the owner must have lived in their current flat for at least 5 years before being eligible for the scheme.

Once the flats have been converted into a jumbo flat, the owner has the option to sell the converted flat after a minimum occupation period of 5 years.

However, if the owner wishes to sell the flat before the 5-year mark, approval from the HDB is required.

Application Process for the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

The application process for the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme is relatively straightforward.

The owner of the regular HDB flats may apply to purchase a jumbo flat if they are eligible for the conversion scheme.

This can be done through the HDB Flat Portal.

During the application process, it is important to note that approval is subject to the availability of jumbo flats and the owner’s eligibility.

It is advisable to check the availability of jumbo flats and the criteria for eligibility before applying.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

There are several benefits to the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme.

The scheme allows homeowners to combine two flats into a single jumbo flat, providing more living space for their families.

Additionally, the government provides subsidies and financial assistance to eligible applicants to help offset the cost of the conversion.

However, it is important to consider some drawbacks as well.

Jumbo flats are relatively rare in Singapore, making them less readily available compared to regular HDB flats.

Moreover, the cost of purchasing two flats and converting them into a jumbo flat can be significant.

Overall, the Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme offers homeowners in Singapore the opportunity to create more living space and enjoy the benefits of larger housing.

It is advisable to carefully consider the eligibility criteria, application process, and potential benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

Popular Jumbo HDB Flat Locations in Singapore: Jurong East

Popular Jumbo HDB Flat Locations in Singapore

Jurong East

Jurong East is a vibrant and bustling town located in the western part of Singapore.

Known for its excellent connectivity and modern amenities, Jurong East has become a sought-after residential and commercial hub.

With its proximity to the Jurong Lake District, which includes Jurong Lake Gardens and Jurong Bird Park, residents enjoy a serene environment amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

In terms of housing, Jurong East boasts a mix of public and private housing options.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates in Jurong East offer a range of flats, from studio apartments to four-room units, catering to different household sizes.

The costs of housing in Jurong East are relatively affordable, making it a desirable choice for many individuals and families looking for a well-connected and convenient location to call home.


Tampines is a vibrant residential town located in the eastern part of Singapore.

It is known for its well-planned housing estates, excellent amenities, and accessibility.

Tampines offers a variety of housing options, ranging from public housing flats to private condominiums.

Those looking to apply for a flat in Tampines can do so through the regular HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat application process.

This involves submitting an application online and undergoing balloting to secure a flat.

The availability of flats in Tampines is often high due to the continuous development projects in the area.

In addition to the regular flat application process, Tampines also offers the Flat Conversion Scheme.

This scheme allows existing HDB flat owners in Tampines to convert their current flats into larger ones within the same town.

This is designed to cater to the changing needs of families and provide them with more living space without the need to move to a different location.

Overall, Tampines is a sought-after residential area in Singapore, offering a wide range of housing options and convenient access to amenities.

Whether through the flat application or flat conversion scheme, residents can find their ideal home in this dynamic and thriving town.


Punggol, nestled between Woodlands and Yishun, is a delightful residential town in Singapore that offers a peaceful and scenic environment for its residents.

With its strategic location and well-connected transport infrastructure, Punggol attracts many individuals and families looking for a serene yet convenient place to call home.

Constructed in the 1990s, Punggol has evolved into a vibrant and developed neighborhood over the years.

The town boasts a range of amenities including shopping malls, schools, and recreational facilities, catering to the needs and preferences of its residents.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Punggol Waterway Park, a picturesque waterfront park, provides a refreshing escape from the urban bustle.

Punggol also offers a variety of rental properties to accommodate different budgets and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a cozy one-bedroom unit or a spacious family apartment, there is something for everyone.

The eligibility schemes for rental properties in Punggol differ from those in other areas, as the quota system does not apply.

This means that individuals and families are free to choose a rental property in Punggol without worrying about availability based on the ethnic quota system.

In conclusion, Punggol is a desirable residential area located between Woodlands and Yishun.

With its serene ambiance, convenient amenities, and diverse rental options, Punggol is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and well-connected home.

So whether you are a young professional, a couple, or a family, Punggol provides an ideal setting to enjoy a high quality of life.


The eligibility criteria for purchasing jumbo flats in Singapore provide an opportunity for buyers to own a spacious and unique property.

Whether you are planning to buy one or the adjoining flat, some specific rules and regulations need to be followed.

Jumbo flats are rare and distinct from standard HDB flats.

They were introduced to cater to larger families or those who require more living space.

These flats are typically located in areas like Woodlands and Yishun and are highly sought after.

To be eligible to purchase a jumbo flat, one must either be a Singapore citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).

The Bot Protection quota does not apply to jumbo flats, allowing buyers to have more options when it comes to selecting their desired unit.

The conversion scheme allows buyers to purchase two adjoining flats and combine them into a jumbo flat.

This option is suitable for those who are looking for a larger living space but cannot find an available jumbo flat in the market.

However, the buyer must meet certain requirements, such as constructing at least one opening of at least two meters between the two existing flats.

When purchasing a jumbo flat, buyers can apply for a loan for the purchase.

However, it is important to note that jumbo flats are considered resale flats, and the usual eligibility criteria for HDB resale flats apply.

In conclusion, jumbo flats offer a unique opportunity for buyers in Singapore to own a spacious and distinctive property.

Whether you choose to buy one or combine two adjoining flats, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria and regulations set by HDB.

By following these guidelines, you can navigate the process smoothly and find the perfect jumbo flat for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HDB jumbo flat?

A jumbo flat is a type of HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat that consists of two adjoining HDB units. 

Can I buy two HDB flats and convert them into a jumbo flat?

Yes, you can buy two adjoining HDB flats and apply for the HDB Conversion Scheme to convert them into a jumbo flat. 

Can I use an HDB loan to buy two adjoining HDB flats?

Yes, you can use an HDB loan to finance the purchase of two adjoining HDB flats to convert them into a jumbo flat. 

What is the HDB Conversion Scheme?

The HDB Conversion Scheme is a program introduced by the HDB that allows flat owners to combine two adjoining 3-room or smaller HDB flats into a jumbo flat. 

Where can I find jumbo flats for sale?

Jumbo flats can be found in the resale market, as they are often created through the HDB Conversion Scheme. 

Are jumbo flats eligible for CPF housing grants?

Yes, jumbo flats are eligible for CPF housing grants, just like other types of HDB flats. 

How rare are jumbo flats?

Jumbo flats are relatively rare, as they were introduced by the HDB in the 1980s and the HDB stopped building them in 1995. 

Why did the HDB stop building jumbo flats?

The HDB stopped building jumbo flats due to the implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy, which aimed to ensure a balanced mix of ethnic groups in HDB estates. 

What are the advantages of buying a jumbo flat?

The advantages of buying a jumbo flat include having more living space and the potential for rental income if you decide to rent out one of the units. 

Can I purchase a new jumbo flat directly from the HDB unit?

No, jumbo flats are only available in the resale market, as the HDB stopped building them in 1995. 

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