Juying Secondary School

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Juying Secondary School

Juying Secondary School Singapore

Learn More About The Juying Secondary School

Juying Secondary School was established in December 1994, with Mrs Lee Yin Ling as its first principal. Students and instructors moved into the current buildings remodelled and occupied by Jurong Institute, with an initial Secondary One cohort on June 12, 1995. A building extension project completed in June 1999 added a new classroom block and an IT block with two computer laboratories and three UT resource rooms to the school. In 2015, the school celebrated its 20th anniversary, and ex-staff members from the pioneer generation were invited to a special celebration commemorating SG50.Mr. Abdul Harris (2005 – 2012), Mr Seet Tiat Hee (Dec 2012 – Dec 2017), and Mdm Soh Beng Mui were the second and third principles of Juying Secondary School, respectively. Juying Secondary School, currently in its 25th year, is happy to make a difference in our student’s educational experiences by providing a holistic and stimulating curriculum that aims to bring out the best in each JYian.

Juying Secondary School Library

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos:

In realising our mission, we get guided by our school philosophy, OYSTER. We are a caring family that welcomes kids of all abilities and backgrounds because we think each student is unique and capable of learning. Juying Secondary School hopes to strengthen and magnify the individual capacity of all pupils and develop them into strong individuals who, like pearls, will sparkle and brighten whatever organisation they may join in the future. Our school values, R2IGHT, are the foundation of our ideology (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility, and Tenacity). Our HEARTS ethos – setting high expectations and standards; placing a strong emphasis on learning; having the autonomy to innovate and explore; developing excellent Relationships; Trust and Teamwork; having a Shared purpose – helps us create a culture of caring and learning. Our students have received value-added scores in national examinations outstanding, achievements in co-curricular activities, and a holistic approach to student development.

School Vision

  • A Generous Community of Character-Strong Life-Long Learners

School Mission

  • Learning that is invigorating. Inculcating Values is a term used to describe the process of instilling values in children. Making a Difference in People’s Lives Instilling ideas and creating a love of study in JYians to equip them to be future-ready and valuable citizens.

Core Values

  • Respect.
  • Responsibility. 
  • Integrity. 
  • Gratitude. 
  • Humility. 
  • Tenacity.

Juying Secondary School Classroom

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Visual and Performing Arts:

  • Art and Craft Club
  • Band – Symphonic
  • Choir
  • Dance – Cultural
  • Dance – Hip Hop
  • Speech and Drama Society

Physical Sports:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Netball

Juying Secondary School Auditorium

Uniformed Groups:

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC) (Sea)
  • National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)

Clubs and Societies:

  • AV/IT Club


  • Students’ Council

Juying Secondary School Bus


  • Additional Mathematics
  • Art
  • Basic Chinese
  • Basic Malay
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • Chinese B
  • Chinese Normal (Academic)
  • Computer Applications
  • Design and Technology
  • Elements of Business Skills
  • English Language
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Food and Consumer Education
  • Geography
  • Higher Chinese
  • History
  • Literature in English
  • Malay
  • Malay B
  • Mathematics
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Principles of Accounts
  • Science
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry)
  • Higher Malay
  • Humanities (Social Studies and Geography)
  • Humanities (Social Studies and History)
  • Humanities (Social Studies and Literature in English)

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