Kranji Neighbourhood

by | Jun 10, 2022

Kranji Neighbourhood

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Guide To Know The  Kranji Neighbourhood

Kranji Neighbourhood gets its name from the Malay word “keranji,” which refers to a locally grown tree known as the velvet tamarind tree in English. While Kranji Neighbourhood was previously in the area, its numbers have steadily declined since the early nineteenth century, and it is now a rare sight. Kranji’s status as a city outlier often precedes itself, as it surrounds a mix of industrial and minimum residential zones. However, the suburb has more historical and recreational value than most people realise.

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Kranji Neighbourhood has the distinction of being one of the few localities in Singapore without an HDB estate. Kranji’s real estate has witnessed some expansion after being primarily an industrial region of its history. The precinct is considered a prime residential area due to its independent properties, even though it is devoid of tower apartment towers, unlike most Singaporean suburbs. The few private estates in the area, almost all of which landed, are found along residential avenues such as Jalan Jendela, Jalan Bumbong, Jalan Kasau, and Jalan Gelegar.

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Eat at Kranji

Despite the residential residents, Kranji’s business traffic allows for the survival of various entertainment venues, owing to the Turf Club’s vicinity. Cafes and drinking establishments have capitalised on the environment’s rustic ambience, frequently evoking an old town atmosphere. The Bistro Gardenasia is situated around a pond on Neo Tiew Crescent and makes the most of its Kranji location. Bistro Gardenasia is known for its bowls of farm-fresh salads, which it serves with a range of local favourites and international cuisines. If the greens aren’t your thing, check out their selection of local artisan beer. Kranji’s enormous land area makes it perfect for farming, and Bollywood Veggies capitalising on that.

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Drink Kranji

Hay Dairies, a family-friendly goat farm, is particularly popular because it is available to the public for viewing. You may not only tour the farm and observe the goats milked, but you can also purchase fresh milk in both original and chocolate flavours! If you want something more traditional, go to 555 Music Power Station at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort next to Kranji MRT station. They have various live bands every night from 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM, making it a one-of-a-kind experience in the region in addition to drinks and snacks.

Are you planning a visit to Bombay Veggies? Then stay a while at Bombay Veggies’ on-site bar, Poison Ivy.

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Kranji, Have fun!

If there’s one thing that could entice practically any Singaporean to visit the Kranji neighbourhood, it’s the pastoral delights in store. While Kranji has over a hundred farms, only roughly 20 are available to the public and offer retail and tour opportunities. Furthermore, many of them are held in the same places, allowing visitors to tour multiple farms at once. The Jurong Frog Farm, sometimes known as the Kranji Frog Farm, is a popular destination for many visitors to the Kranji countryside. The Jurong Frog Farm raises American Bullfrogs and has frog enclosures that follow a frog’s life cycle from tadpole to hopping.

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