Macritchie Reservoir Neighbourhood

by | Jun 10, 2022

MacRitchie Reservoir Neighbourhood

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Learn About The MacRitchie Reservoir Neighbourhood

MacRitchie Reservoir Neighbourhood was not always the name of the reservoir. The reservoir was known as the Impounding Reservoir because it was built by impounding water from an earth embankment. MacRitchie Reservoir Neighbourhood construction was no easy task, with a lack of funding creating frequent delays over 40 years. The MacRitchie Reservoir built the British occupation of Singapore. Commercial activity began after the British established their settlement in Singapore in 1819, resulting in a high need for fresh water in the city-state. 

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Stay at Macritchie Reservoir

The unspoiled, nature-filled MacRitchie Reservoir Neighbourhood made private dwellings. Then has a great sense of serenity because of the vast, gorgeous homes. Condominiums like Thomson 800, Seasons View, and Marymount View, which are few in number but enormous in space, keep inhabitants safe in the lush surroundings of the MacRitchie and Upper Thomson regions, adjacent to the MacRitchie Reservoir. While the prospect of spending a night or two at MacRitchie Reservoir is appealing, the reservoir is not one of NParks’ allowed camping places. Given the odd incident or two that periodically surface.

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Although the MacRitchie Reservoir neighbourhood is around a big water catchment area, there are a lot of eateries around that are guaranteed to satisfy the senses, and has compiled a list of places you should visit for exquisite delicacies!

The Mushroom Cafe serves comforting local fare like nasi lemak, laksa, and chicken curry to tourists to MacRitchie Reservoir. The cafe is inexpensive and contains everything you’ll need between hikes around the reservoir and the other facilities it offers. Not to mention that the restaurant is easy to find and is adjacent to the main entrance in the Amenities Centre, where you may relax while staring at the water fountains and even get some exercise.

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Shop at Macritchie Reservoir

At Thomson Imperial Court, stock up on supplies before heading to MacRitchie Reservoir. Even though the building is a condominium, the basement contains a Sheng Siong Supermarket may obtain whatever you need for the day. Consider stocking up on electrolyte-rich isotonic drinks or cream buns to keep you going on long excursions.  You may also go to Thomson Plaza, which has a lot of shop services like a SAM machine, an AXS machine, and a Singpost POP Station! With three levels and 180 tenants, you’ll be able to find just about whatever you need at a reasonable price, particularly at DAISO Japan.

Play at Macritchie Reservoir

In MacRitchie Reservoir, you’ll never stick for something to do. There’s so much to do that you’ll have to plan where to begin. With eleven kilometres of walking and hiking pathways surrounding the natural reserve, the MacRitchie Nature Trail will thrill and exhaust you. Smaller studies have also been split, with various trials and difficulty accommodating larger groups and different levels of health. For ease of access, begin at the trailhead near the Venus Drive parking lot. A MacRitchie trail map is available online and sees several points across the reservoir, so you’ll never get lost.

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