Lian Beng Group Ltd

by | May 9, 2022

Lian Beng Group Ltd

Lian Beng Group Ltd CEO

Who We Are

Lian Beng is Singapore’s leading local construction business, having been founded in 1973. With integrated civil engineering, in-house construction-related business, resource and transportation, and ready-mixed concrete and asphalt premix manufacturing, we provide one-stop business solutions. Since 1999, we have been listed on the Singapore Exchange.

Green Mark (Platinum) Award for Lian Beng Building

Our status as an A1 grade contractor in General Building with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) allows us to tender for public-sector building projects with an unlimited contract value, while our A2 grade in Civil Engineering allows us to handle engineering projects with a contract value of up to $85 million.

SLB Development Ltd (SLB), our property development business, was successfully launched on the Singapore Exchange in April 2018, with a varied portfolio of residential, industrial, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

We’ve won awards for our project quality and environmentally friendly building methods. The following are some of the notable awards:

2017 BCA Building Information Modelling (BIM) Award – Organization Category (Gold), 2017 BCA Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion (GoldPlus), 2016 BCA Quality Excellence Award (Gold), 2015 International Construction Award by the Global Trade Leaders’ Club, located in Madrid, Spain.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have the ability to make a difference.

Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our company’s culture. Our objective as a responsible corporate citizen is to have a long-term, beneficial influence on our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

In the Interest of the Community

Lian Beng has been engaged in corporate social responsibility programs for many years. As part of our attempt to give back to the community, we have organized donation drives, constructed houses for people in developing areas, and supported relevant causes.

For Our Employees

Our employees’ safety and well-being are of the utmost importance and should never be jeopardized. We’ve implemented safety procedures as well as policies that encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their workplace health and safety. The Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”) and the Workplace Safety and Health Council have both recognized our work in this area.

For the sake of the environment

We believe in environmental protection for the benefit of future generations. We actively investigate methods to reduce the environmental effect of our operations via dialogue and collaboration among our management, staff, and stakeholders. We are also supporters of the BCA’s Green and Gracious Builder Scheme, embracing best practices and coordinating all entities within our Group to fulfill our environmental duties.


Lian Beng has an established track record as a general contractor for residential, industrial, and commercial construction projects, as well as civil engineering projects.

We have produced several projects over a broad range of complexity and size, encompassing the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, using our strengths and track record, which includes a strong emphasis on quality and cost management. We utilize Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) as part of our ongoing endeavor to increase productivity, enhance site safety, and reduce the environmental effect of our operations by embracing innovative technology.

Construction-Related Services are a kind of service that is used in the construction industry

We create ready-mixed concrete and asphalt premix, as well as reinforcing bars, to assist our construction business and that of other third-party contractors. We also provide engineering and construction services such as metal fabrication, structural design, and strutting.

Real Estate Investing

To produce recurrent revenue, we participate in local and international projects, either as single owners or as joint venture partners. We create and lease purpose-built workers’ dormitories, as well as sell and lease commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We also own minority holdings in international hospitality ventures and have stock and bond assets.

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