Lianhua Primary School

by | May 26, 2022

Lianhua Primary School

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What programs does Lianhua Primary School offer?

Lianhua Primary students are well-prepared to confront the difficulties ahead because of the values, talents, and dispositions imparted via daily enriched learning experiences. 

Meta Description

In January 1946, Lianhua Primary School opened its doors in Bukit Timah as a small village school with only 200 students.

Unique Programs in School

Superhero Program

At Lianhua, they think that there is a superhero waiting to beget discovered in every child. Every child has unique capabilities, and the CCE department has created the superhero program to assist each child find their hidden strengths and reaching their full potential.

This curriculum allows all Lianhua Primary School students to be heroes in their daily lives, allowing them to comprehend and think that they can be Superheroes in their own right. They want all Lianhuareans to develop their natural Superhero abilities, tap into their full potential, and find worth and meaning in education. The program ambassadors are four superheroes: Sensible Su Mei, Joyful Jaya, Inquisitive Ismail, and Confident Colin. 

Project Smile

Project SMILE is a partnership between Lianhua and various organizations to bring smiles to persons going through difficult circumstances. The school staff and students create and distribute grocery packs to the schools and communitys most needy households in collaboration with Hao Ren Hao Shi and the Bukit Gombak Hillgrove Residents Committee.

LHPS Eco Stewardship

Lianhua Primary School takes pride in being one of the few schools in Singapore that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna while also being surrounded by magnificent landscape, thanks to the Bukit Batok Town Park and Little Guilin. They include four fish ponds and three gardens with over 20 types of fish and organisms for science instruction and get regularly used for PAL (outdoor education) classes.

LHPS Passion Project

The school Passion Project is a student-centered program that enables students to inquire about their interests, talents and drive sources. Every child can learn by exploring their hobbies and discovering their passions in this endeavor. Students will learn about technology, the arts, music, sports, nature, dance, languages, and even mathematics through play.

Pupils get pushed to go on a deep learning trip using their newly discovered passions and inspire others by sharing their Passion and journey. These difficulties help the youngster develop resilience and self-assurance.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Program (ALP) gets designed to assist students in connecting their academic knowledge and abilities to real-world situations. The objective of ALP is to help students recognize the relevance and worth of what they are learning in the classroom and to generate stronger motivation and purpose for learning new things.

Learning for Life Programme

Through a blend of practical learning experiences and life-skills experiences, LLP gives students greater possibilities to pursue learning based on their interests and helps them enhance their 21st-century competencies. CHAMP for Life is the name of Lianhuas limited liability partnership (LLP). 

Lianhuas limited-liability partnership is known as CHAMP for Life (LLP). CHAMP stands for CHARacter Makes a Person and aims to develop childrens character through various sports and outdoor experiences throughout their 6-year primary school career.

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