Maha Bodhi School

by | May 26, 2022

Maha Bodhi School

Maha Bodhi School Logo

Guide to Know About Maha Bodhi School

The school strives to provide the best education possible for students to make a difference in their life as they pursue their goals – a school of distinction, pride, and choice.

The school aims to foster Inspired Learners of Exemplary Character, who will help each child reach their best potential and grow into caring citizens. The school slogan encourages students to be morally upright and curious. Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence are the Maha Bodhi School principles instilled in students to help them develop a values-driven mindset.

Meta Description

The Maha Bodhi Primary School in Ubi, Singapore, is a government-supported double-session mixed primary school that offers various academics to its students.

School History

Maha Bodhi School was founded in 1946 by Reverend Chee Hong of Leng Feng Bodhi Institute, based on Buddhist education to Miss Pitt Chin Hui and other Buddhist devotees. On January 12, 1948, Maha Bodhi opened its doors to 40 students at its original shophouse at No. 743 Geylang Road. The school board entrusted the school’s sponsorship to the Singapore Buddhist Federation in 1950 to continue development. To gather finances for the school’s development, Mr. Lee Choon Seng, Chairman of the Singapore Buddhist Federation, organized a school building committee.

It is temporarily relocated to the old Macpherson Secondary School campus while undergoing PRIME. In mid-2009, the school returned to its former Ubi location.

About School name

“In Sanskrit, Maha refers to greatness, and Bodhi refers to enlightenment, which is how the Lord Buddha taught the world the truth and the path to Nirvana. The school gets named after the Lord Buddha’s morals and character and believes that its pupils will be able to replicate His example as they absorb world knowledge, wisdom, and scientific procedures and live morally, genuinely, and wisely.”

School Curriculum

The Maha Bodhi primary curriculum consists of four fundamental education courses: English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science.

School Applied Learning Program

“ELECTA@MBS-Empathetic Listeners, Effective Communicators, Trailblazing Advocates” is the program name. Program line with the school’s vision of “Inspired Learners of Exemplary Character” and the goal to maximize each child’s potential and raise them as caring citizens who are morally upright and deeply entrenched in Chinese culture. The school hopes to create an ALP that will complement the school’s efforts to build self-assured and empathic communicators who actively contribute to making a difference. The school goal is to develop every student into a well-rounded individual.

an empathic listener who pays attention to criticism and differing points of view;

  • an empathic listener who pays attention to criticism and differing points of view;
  • a confident speaker and a good communicator
  • An advocate who has novel ideas, speaks up, and acts to make a difference in response to community and environmental concerns has a beneficial impact on others.

Maha Bodhi School Events

Museum-based Education at National Gallery, Singapore

The school event aims to instill new ideas and information in Maha Bodhi students through museum visits. The objective is to introduce students to art and creative situations.

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