Marina South Pier MRT

by | Jun 4, 2022

Marina South Pier MRT

marina south pier mrt entrance

Marina South Pier MRT: The Brief Knowledge

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The station is named for the ferry terminal, providing train access to Marina South’s beach districts, Marina South Pier, and Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

About Marina South Pier MRT:

The Marina South Pier MRT Station (NS28) is an underground station on the North-South Line’s southern terminus (NSL). It developed near the Marina South Pier MRT ferry terminal, beneath Marina Coastal Drive, and is part of the Straits View planned area. While passenger ferries to the Southern Islands (most often St. John’s Island and Kusu Island) are available from Marina South Pier, cruise ships dock at Marina Bay Cruise Center, which receives few passengers regularly.


Singapore’s first MRT line, the North-South Line (NSL), opened in sections from 1987 to 1989 and concluded at Marina Bay station. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) planned a 1-kilometer (0.62 mi) expansion of the NSL from Marina Bay in the 2008 Land Transport Master Plan, one of many forthcoming projects expanding Singapore’s rail network. The line would run from Marina Bay station to the Marina South Cruise Center and give access to future projects in the region. The station’s temporary name was “Marina Pier.”

Samsung C&T Corporation was awarded the contract for the design and construction of the additional station and tunnels in December for S$357.5 million (US$260 million). The extension’s construction began that month and scheduled to be finished by 2014. 

Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew paid – a visit to the station on August 15th to announce the merging of the Thomson and East Region lines to become the Thomson–East Coastline. The station opened on November 23rd stated on November 17th. The station gets inaugurated with a ceremony.


The station includes a ticket concourse on the first floor and an unpaid corridor that allows people to utilize the station’s subterranean-corridors between exits without paying. Faregates automatic fare collection and offer access between the station’s paid and unpaid sectors, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, carrying heavy objects, or those traveling with prams.During operational hours: the station office serves as a Passenger Service Center, where commuters may inquire about travel options.

Public sculpture

As part of the MRT network’s Art-in-Transit initiative, which integrates artworks within the MRT network, the station exhibits two art works. Past. Transition. Present, a piece by the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA), uses 27,000 defunct EZ-Link cards to portray-current and historical monuments of Singapore in two sections. The LTA had initiated a recall effort for Sony EZ-Link smartcards, gets being replaced by CEPAS cards when the SCYA gets commissioned for the artwork in 2012. The SCYA retrieved 50,000 cards in 20 different colors from the storerooms. The art work gets drawn using the colors of the cards, and then a tiny example was generated utilizing the cards and a mosaic composite builder.

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