Tampines MRT

by | Jun 5, 2022

Tampines MRT

tampines mrt elevators

Details To Know About The Tampines MRT

Tampines MRT Station (EW2-DT32) is an above-ground and underground station on the East-West Line (EWL) and the Downtown Line, respectively (DTL). It gets located in Tampines Town Centre, near Tampines Avenue 4, Tampines Central 4, and Tampines Central 5. It is part of the Tampines East planning subzone of Tampines MRT.

The station serves nearby commercial malls (Tampines Mall, Tampines One, Century Square), community amenities (Our Tampines Hub, etc.), office buildings, schools, and housing projects as a transportation hub for Tampines New Town inhabitants. Tampines Bus Interchange and Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange provide bus services that link to the various estate. 

Meta Description:

The station- was named after the Tampines estate, called after the residents’ favorite tree, the Tempinis, which flourished abundantly in this region.


The EWL station has a ground-level ticket concourse, whereas the DTL station has a ticket concourse in Basement 2.

The EWL and DTL ticket concourses include faregates for automatic fare collection and access between the station’s paid and unpaid portions, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, those carrying heavy objects, or those traveling with prams.

Commuters can buy tickets for single or many travels through General Ticketing Machines, which, like TransitLink Add Value Machines – accept contactless card transactions. During operating hours, the EWL & DTL station office serves as a Passenger Service Centre, where commuters may make travel queries.


Tampines MRT, like most EWL, elevated stations on the eastern portion of the line (after Kallang MRT station eastward except for Eunos MRT station), features a dome-shaped ceiling over the platform level, segmented like a caterpillar. The MRT Corporation (MRTC) attempted to give the EWL stations an “attractive aesthetic” using this design. The station’s color palette is rustic brown, which gets mirrored on the doors to the restricted areas and the ceiling trunking box at platform level.

The DTL station, designed by Greenhilli, is meant to be “people-centric” while being cost-effective. Interconnectivity, spatial volume, asymmetry, color, and “super-graphics” are all used to aid movement.

The station’s vast interior promotes visual awareness, supporting “intuitive” navigating and providing it a distinct character that mirrors the neighborhood. 

Shelter for Civil Defense:

In the event – of a national emergency, the subterranean Tampines Station (Downtown Line) will get activated as a Civil Defence (CD) shelter. Protective blast doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, power and water supply systems, and a dry toilet system are among the features available.

Public sculpture

The Big Round & The Tall Long – Studio Juju is an artwork consisting of two gigantic shapes – the Big Round and the Tall Long – on opposing walls of the DTL platforms as part of the MRT system’s Art-in-Transit Program. The 7 m (23 ft) diameter Big Round is “stripped away” from the surplus of “shape and features,” resulting in a distinctive, expressive geometry. Tall Long stands 9 meters (30 feet) tall and is “buoyant” and “stretches aloft.”

These designs represent the station’s size and “provide polarity” to the almost symmetrical station, giving the ambiance “calm and order.” The forms got intended to “fill the vacuum” between commuters and the grandeur of space. Passengers traveling around the station can use these shapes as wayfinders and get accentuated by the reflecting seats on the platforms.

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