Maris Stella High School Secondary

by | Jun 23, 2022

Maris Stella High School Secondary

Maris Stella High School Secondary

What Maris Stella High School Secondary offers its pupils?

Maris Stella High School Secondary is an all-boys Catholic secondary school with autonomous status aided by the government. It is a whole school with a primary portion that offers a six-year curriculum leading up to the Primary School Leaving Examination and a secondary section offering a four-year curriculum going up to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examinations. Maris Stella High School, one of Singapore’s eleven Special Assistance Plan (SAP) high schools, is run by the international Marist Brothers and is located on Mount Vernon Road near the Bartley MRT station. Continue reading about the Maris Stella High School Secondary departments.

Maris Stella High School Secondary Students


The English Language and Literature Department at Maris Stella High School Secondary develops Marists to be empathetic and confident communicators in the English Language; teaches Marists the skills and strategies to be discerning readers and become increasingly competent in the use of the English Language through the use of pedagogically sound instructional strategies, and nurtures Marists to be creative inquirers by exploring the use of the English Language through participation in enrichment programs and competitive competitions.


The Mathematics Department aims to improve Marists’ skills to reason logically, communicate quantitatively, and learn collectively and independently to contribute positively to their surroundings and community. And to provide Marists with the mathematical concepts and skills they’ll need in everyday life and lifelong learning in mathematics and related areas.

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The Science Department encourages Marists to embrace science and its values, appreciate the nature of science, and become inquiry learners who use tools to explore their natural and physical surroundings.


The Humanities Department instils a passion for Humanities courses in Marists and prepares them to face the globalised world while remaining rooted in Singapore.

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The Art Department aims to instil a lifelong interest in art in Marists, extend Marists’ exposure to artistic expression and the significance of art in society, and encourage Marists to explore their imagination and capacity for Artistic expression by drawing inspiration from their surroundings.


The ICT Department helps Marists develop 21st-century abilities, such as logical reasoning and algorithmic thinking to analyse problems and generate solutions, and teaches Marists how to write simple programs using relevant programming languages.

Develop Marists’ grasp of how and where information communications technology (ICT) gets employed in daily life and their awareness of ethical, social, and economic issues linked with ICT.

Maris Stella High School Secondary Stairs

Physical Education

Through sports and physical activities, the Physical Education (PE) Department instils life skills and character development in Marists, allowing them to acquire, understand, and apply movement ideas, principles, and tactics in various physical activities. Develop Marists’ ability to respect themselves, others, and the environment while engaging in physical and daily activities; and enable Marists to appreciate and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Food and Consumer Education

The Food and Consumer Education Department helps Marists become more health-conscious and discriminating consumers and manage their lives now and in the future. The focus is on how individuals and families can best utilise their food, financial, and time resources to meet their physical, emotional, social, and economic requirements.

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