Mayflower Primary School

by | May 26, 2022

Mayflower Primary School

Mayflower Primary School Logo

The Unique programs provided in Mayflower Primary School

Mayflower Primary believes that the goal of education is to prepare each child for life. As a result, the school recognizes the need for a robust, broad-based curriculum that broadens students’ perspectives and exposes them to various holistic learning experiences. Success extends beyond academic accomplishment because Mayflower Primary School enables students to pursue their goals by leveraging their abilities, interests, and talents. They attempt to engage each kid in discovering what makes school and learning worthwhile of their time, energy, and effort, motivating them to take greater ownership of their education.

Meta Description

Mayflower Primary School, established in 1979 with 77 teachers and over 2400 students, is one of the oldest primary schools in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

School Distinctive Programs

Supporting Students with Hearing Loss in MFPS

Mayflower Primary School (MFPS) is Singapore’s first mainstream primary school for pupils who sign and have hearing loss. In 2018, the school welcomed its first group of HL pupils, who access the national curriculum via Singapore Sign Language and English.

Applied Learning Programme (STEM@MFPS)

Mayflower provides kids with high-quality, well-coordinated STEM education. STEM@MFPS gets accomplished through a four-year enrichment program centered on STEM principles. Students in this program create prototypes and solve real-world problems.

Basic coding, computational, and design thinking abilities get taught to students. Students learn through experimentation by putting these abilities, theories, and models in a multidisciplinary setting. They seek to establish a foundation for students to equip with the wide pre-requisites for the future, including innovation and creativity through such chances and involvement.

Learning for Life Programme @ MFPS

LLP@MFPS: Development of Character, Values, Citizenship, and 21CC through the Arts is a specialized curriculum designed to help students grow and deepen their knowledge, skills, learning dispositions, and values through the visual and performing arts.

At MFPS, they believe that the arts help students develop their character, citizenship, and 21st-century skills so that they can become passionate, lifelong learners. It encourages kids to express themselves confidently, work in groups, and develop creativity by encouraging them to discuss ideas, explore viewpoints, and express themselves with confidence. They want the arts to be available to all students and improve learning opportunities based on the concept that every student can learn and express themselves via the arts. LLP@MFPS provides a variety of development possibilities for children of all ages.

Mayflower Primary School Achievements

National Arts Education Award (NAEA) 2015

The National Arts Education Award (NAEA) is a prestigious honor bestowed upon educational institutions. It is the highest distinction given to Blaze. Spark, Glow, and Blaze are three prizes granted by the National Arts Education to schools that provide and integrate holistic education into their system.

Clubs, sports, and other activities

Mayflower Primary School’s aesthetics include a variety of clubs that allow pupils to develop and improve their abilities and skills. For people who have a deep appreciation for beauty and emotions, there is an Art Club. A choir allows kids to express themselves and have their voices heard. Traditional Chinese, Malay, and Indian dance clubs can also get found. Guzheng, String Ensemble, and Drama Club can help pupils with their performing talents.

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