Meridian Primary School

by | May 26, 2022

Meridian Primary School

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Know The techniques used in the Meridian Primary School

Meridian Primary is celebrating a milestone in 2020. We began as a school with humble beginnings at the former Coral Primary School under the guidance of Mr Eric Lim, the first Principal. The Meridian Primary School relocated to its current location on December 4, 2000, and has developed steadily since then to where we are now.

Meta Description

Meridian Primary School was founded in 2000 to serve residents Pasir Ris New Town’s Western area. The school relocated to 71 on December 4, 2000.

Adventure of ALP

Eco-Environment selected as a unique programme designed to raise environmental awareness at the school. The school aspired to include ecological and environmental education in its school-wide curricula through its innovative teaching methods. The Ministry of Education approved the request, and the school received financing to carry out the plans in 2012. The Meridian Primary School also has close partnerships with stakeholders and strategic partners to give students various learning experiences. In 2014, the speciality programme became an ALP.

Mother Tongue Language Adventures is Secret Garden.

A Secret Garden, a mystical retreat where the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) comes alive, may be found behind a regular classroom door in Meridian Primary. The little mushroom chairs, colourful tables, and tall trees in this pretend garden school can’t keep any child from being moved. Even before they begin their classes in this area, their joyful murmurs and laughter fill the room.

The idea for this Secret Garden came from Mdm Anna Lim, MTL’s Head of Department. She was concerned that more youngsters were having difficulty with MTL, and she wanted to make MTL learning fun for them.

Meridian’s discipline

Discipline in Meridian teaches children the rules, penalties, and tools that will help them study in a safe and friendly atmosphere. We are dedicated to remaining inclusive for all children, regardless of their backgrounds, skills, or starting places. We recognise that every child is a work-in-progress who is still learning. As a result, there may be periods in their growing up the journey when they will confront hurdles in regulating themselves, their behaviour, and their interactions with others. As a result, we strive to educate and empower our students so they can acquire positive behaviours, be raised with values, and build social and emotional abilities that will last a lifetime.

Co-Curricular Activities 

CCAs included in curriculum time designated as CCA Day as part of the school’s efforts to provide a holistic education. The CCA Day aims to accomplish the following goals:

Ensure that all students have the chance to take part in a CCA. To provide Character and Citizenship Education, use SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) (CCE) attain depth and exposure in a CCA for Direct Schools Admission (DSA) following Primary 6 for admittance into a Secondary School, and make school exciting and entertaining for our students. In all P3–P6 children participate in a CCA P1–P2 kids participate in the Programme for Active Learning (PAL).

Club for Environmental Science

Students in the Environmental Science Club learn science experience. Environmental protection, habitat reforestation, and global warming are among the themes covered by students. Friction, forces, magnetism, and other topics that may or may not included in their Primary Science Syllabus are also covered. 

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