Mee Toh School

by | May 26, 2022

Mee Toh School

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Guide to Know About Mee Toh School

MTS believes in a values-driven, student-centered education. Parents, key partners, and the community see character development as a characteristic of MTS education. MTS helps each student grow into a well-rounded individual with a global perspective while remaining grounded in his family, school, neighborhood, and Singapore. Mee Toh School creates a positive learning atmosphere and innovative school-based programs that help children acquire school principles and develop 21st-century skills.

Meta Description

Venerable Sek Kong Hiap created Mee Toh School (MTS) in 1954 with significant support from the Buddhist community to offer pupils educational possibilities.

School History

‘Eternal Brightness’ is how Mee Toh gets translated. A school flag was fashioned with the prominent Buddhist emblem of the Swastika and the colors red, white, and green and get raised every day when Mee Tohians sing the school hymn. Mee Toh School first taught in Chinese before becoming a Government-Aided School in 1957. Primary Six students took the PSLE for the first time in 1985, using English as their first language. The school’s focus on comprehensive learning and students’ character development is maintained today, with the slogan serving as a reminder of the school’s principles. Mee Toh is committed to maintaining a positive learning environment.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

CCE is at the heart of all academic and non-academic programs at Mee Toh School. CCE occurs throughout the school day, led by the school’s vision, mission, and motto – Compassion, Conscience, Purity, and Righteousness – and firmly grounded on MOE’s fundamental principles.

Establishing one’s character is analogous to the process of seed germination and plant cultivation at Mee Toh School. Every child is different, and nurturing the whole child and bringing out the best in each one takes time, patience, and a community.

Environment Education

A vital part of a comprehensive education is environmental education. The Applied Learning Program at the school takes an all-school approach to environmental protection (ALP). The school motto, Compassion, is reflected in the environmental stewardship of MeeTohians, who demonstrate love and contribute to the community’s and nation’s well-being. 

Program For Active Learning (PAL)

All Primary 1 and 2 students at MTS participate in Programme for Active Learning (PAL) courses as part of their holistic education. Sports & Games and Outdoor Education and the Performing Arts and Visual Arts are two broad areas PAL exposes children. PAL provides active, hands-on, and purposeful learning opportunities. PAL also includes creative learning, giving children the opportunity to create, including values and social-emotional learning, and making learning fantastic and pleasurable.

Physical and Health Education (PHE)

The mission of the Physical and Health Education (PHE) department is to encourage everyone to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle by cultivating a body and a healthy mind. Students’ holistic development in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains gets aided by regular and deliberate health-promoting physical activities and learning assignments. Students learn to acquire 21st-century competencies to demonstrate a positive attitude toward participation in physical activities. They pursue their passions and learn how to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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