Mega Developments in the east region

by | Dec 19, 2022

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Mega Developments in the east region

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Mega Developments in the east region

This article highlights significant upcoming developments in Singapore. When it is in 2040, Singapore’s mega port in Tuas will be the largest fully automated terminal in the world. 


Singapore’s economy expanded at an average rate of 8% per year throughout the 1970s and 1980s because of its efficient infrastructure, reasonably priced housing, and social programs.Singapore’s East region is the most advanced country in Southeast Asia and the benchmark for other developing countries. Some of the locations suggested as being the next Singapore are Bangkok, Kyaukphyu, Malaysia, Manila, and Vietnam.

About Mega Developments in the east region 

The world’s tallest residential structure made off-site reaches its peak. Singapore will soon see the housing buildings of the future. The new Avenue South Residence is a modular design suitable for the post-COVID era—the tallest prefabricated towers in the world.

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Mega Development Exactly?

Mega developments are essentially apartment networks having a total of more than 1,000 apartments. The standard condominium has 1 to 5 bedrooms with spares courts, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, BBQ pits, and more. To put things in context, consider Parc Clematis, Treasure @ Tampines, Affinity @ Serangoon, and Normanton Park as examples of developments in Singapore. 

East Changi Project

The Changi East Project, often known as the Terminal 5 or T5 Project, is a significant extension of Singapore CHANGI AIRPORT designed to keep it among the top airport hubs in the world. Integrating it with the other four terminals entails establishing a new terminal and supporting infrastructure. 

Expanded Marina Bay Sands

A modern 15,000-seat arena, a five-star hotel tower, and more MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) space are some of the development’s key features. Next to the current Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, it will be situated (IR).


A vertically connected ecosystem includes work, home, and play spaces in the 280-metre-long integrated development known as CapitaSpring. It will be one of Singapore’s tallest buildings (the tallest building is the 290-metre Guoco Tower). 

South Avenue Residence

One of Singapore’s tallest apartment buildings, Avenue South quarters has two 56-story condominium towers. The project is noteworthy because it includes the tallest prefabricated buildings ever built.

East of the airport, on 1,080 hectares of reclaimed land, Terminal 5 is being built. One of the largest terminals in the world, the new terminal construction will be Terminals 1, 2, and 3 put together. T5 will have a capacity of up to 50 million people annually, boosting the airport’s total capacity to 135 million.

recrea coast to coast

Runway System in Changi

The Thomson-East Coast MRT line, which will extend to the current Changi Airport station, will be connected to the terminal. Future extensions to the Cross Island Line are conceivable.

Terminal 5 is expected to be finished in the 2030s and will cost about $10 billion. Ambitious plans are in place for Changi Airport’s future Terminal 5. What makes the new neighbourhood unique on the grounds of Paya Lebar Air Base? Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave a sneak preview of these projects at this year’s National Day Rally.

T5 at Changi Airport

Construction on Changi Airport Terminal 5 “paused” for at least two years: 

Changi East is preparing for a sizable airport construction project –

“With roughly 20,000 workers anticipated, safety and security at the place lived increased.”

Changi Airport Group awarded contracts for Terminal 5’s architecture and engineering 

The companies that will provide architectural design and engineering consultation assistance for Terminal 5 (T5) have Changi Airport Group (CAG).

Years of preparation have led to the launch of T5.

“Singapore has prospered by placing significant bets on future trends, whether in air or sea transport, urban growth, or water sustainability, that make or break economies. It is how the Republic advanced to become the top air hub, transshipment centre, and liveable city. Insight examines what it takes to launch Changi Region Airport Terminal 5 in the first three-part series on big infrastructure projects.

Greater Waterfront of the South

An initiative to redevelop the southern waterfront region is called the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW). The development will take place in the container ports from Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Pulau Brani, and Pasir Ris Panjang to the Tuas Mega Port. 

Development of the Greater Southern Waterfront will begin in 5 to 10 years.

The Pasir Panjang Power District and the location of the current Keppel Club would be the first areas to undergo development as part of the Greater Southern Waterfront in the next five to ten years. Is this how the Greater Southern Waterfront in Singapore will appear? –

Greater Southern Waterfront idea unveiled by URA

“More than a year after initial plans to consolidate all container port operations at Tuas to free up prime land for growth were advised by Singaporeans and have been given a peek of the massive transformation that may take place along the Republic’s southern front.

Master Plan for Sentosa-Brani

The Sentosa-Brani Master Plan calls for the renovation of Sentosa and Pulau Brani. The islands will become “an Island Playground in a Global City.” New attractions will be built, along with expanded nature and heritage routes and refurbished Beach Road.

The refurbishment is part of the government’s initiative to revamp Singapore’s Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW).

Punggol Digital District is a 50-hectare planned business area northeast of Singapore. There will be firms associated with the digital economy on the new campus of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). There will also be a commercial section with F&B outlets and Punggol LRT. With parks and pedestrian-friendly paths along the shoreline, the district will prioritise being a green spaces and pedestrian-friendly environment.

Mega Development Around Parc Central Residences Executive Condo

District of Jurong Lake

In the west of Singapore, there is a brand-new metropolitan area called Jurong Lake District. The 360ha project is Singapore’s second Central Business District (CBD). It will be the regional and commercial hub outside Singapore’s urban core. 

Along with housing and offices, the structure will also have parks that will encircle Jurong Lake Gardens. It is in Singapore through four MRT stations.

The Jurong Lake District will become a new tourism hotspot in 2019

The future Jurong Region Line (JLD) will introduce a leisure activity starting in 2026. These options will be appealing to both tourists and locals. The seven-acre property is roughly the size of ten football fields and will house a hotel, restaurants, and retail establishments.

District of Innovation in Jurong

JID like Surbana Jurong will be an industrial district for sophisticated manufacturing, supporting an ecosystem of manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, and education institutions with Nanyang Technological University nearby. 

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore’s Western region has proposed a new town called Tengah. With the development centred around the local area and the environment, this will be Singapore’s first sustainable town. 

Mega Developments And How They’ve Performed 

A 42,000-home environmental “smart” city is in Singapore.

Tengah is the Malay word for average despite being in the West Zone part of the island, being the 24th new settlement established by Singapore’s government since World War II, with 42,000 new dwellings spread across five residential districts. However, it is the first city-state in Southeast Asia to have centralised cooling, automated trash collection, and a car-free town centre, which conservationists think may provide a roadmap for reducing carbon emissions. 

The Rail Corridor is the Green Corridor is a development of urban parkland for the KL-Singapore railway line. According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, “The Rail Corridor is a disused railroad cable that runs 24 kilometres from Singapore’s north to south. This trans-island green artery will connect the upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront and Woodlands North-East Region neighbourhoods. It will be turned from its current state as a “green corridor” into a community area that connects 1 million people within a kilometre of the rail network. When the Rail Corridor is connected, it will encourage the redevelopment of historic neighbourhoods and the development of nearby lands.


Redevelopment of Paya Lebar Air Base

By moving Paya Lebar Airbase to an expanded Tengah Air Base in 2030, 800 acres of land will be made known for future development. Urban Redevelopment Authority quote: The airfield and adjacent expansions can turn into a very liveable and sustainable new town with the relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase starting in the 2030s. Our ideas will capitalise on the site’s distinctive identity as a former airfield and airport. The opportunities are endless, so we’d love to hear your suggestions for how we may jointly envision a community of the future.

The relaxation of height limits in and around the Paya Lebar flight path may be more significant than the airbase’s new location. Due to its proximity to the flight path, the city centre currently has a 280-metre height restriction.

Paya Lebar Airspace

As part of the “Runway for Your Imagination” ideas competition, the general public will have the opportunity to reimagine the future of Paya Lebar Air Base and the neighbouring industrial estates. 

Participants are to submit ideas for how the area developed into a livable, responsible new town. It builds on its unique aviation heritage as part of the competition, which is the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and the Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP).

With the air base gone, Paya Lebar looks different.

“By 2030, the Paya Lebar Air Base will be moved, freeing up 800 acres of land, an area larger than Bishan or Ang Mo Kio. There will be a relaxation of the height restrictions in Singapore’s East West region, allowing for the potential redevelopment of existing low-rise structures.

Mega Port Tuas

The largest container terminal in the world is Tuas Mega Port, which was created by combining all of Singapore’s ports into a single mega-terminal.

The five container terminals in Singapore—Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani, Pasir Panjang Power District terminal 1, and Pasir Panjang Terminal 2—will gradually transfer their operations to the new port. If the container terminals are in one location, there will be no need to ship containers.

The new Tuas Mega Port: 

A $40 billion mega-port in Singapore aims to reduce shipping disruption.

Inside Singapore’s Tuas Mega Port project, size matters. The first two berths of the port infrastructure in the world are to open in 2021. Er Tham Wai Wah, chief engineer and senior director at Singapore’s Tuas Mega Port, gives us the inside scoop.

Inside Singapore’s Tuas Mega Port project, size matters.

“When fully completed in 2040, the mega port will be the world’s largest fully automated terminal, showcasing capabilities such as automated wharf and yard services and full-electric automated guided vehicles,” according to a statement from Tuas Port.

Singapore’s Tuas Mega Port is an ambitious project that will confront many difficulties. Andre Wheeler of Asia Pacific Connex argues that the nation has increased the ante and placed a significant wager on its Marina South destiny.

amenities integrated building

Is the Tuas mega-port in Singapore a piece of cake?

The Lion City hopes for a new multibillion-dollar grid; it maintains its position as the biggest transshipment hub in the world. However, a growing number of people are vying for its throne.

“Works are in full swing at the future Tuas port, with reclamation proceeding for two out of four phases of the development and more than 3 km of caisson already constructed to form the wharf,” states the statement “New Tuas mega port” in bold type.

The Australia-ASEAN Power Link (AAPowerLink), our flagship project, will harness and store solar energy from the Northern Territory of Australia, one of the world’s most consistently sunny regions, for continuous transmission to Darwin and Singapore via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system. Beginning in 2027, AAPowerLink will be able to meet up to 20% of Singapore’s electricity demand.

Airport at Changi Jewel

A structure that seems like it belonged in a science fiction movie was j built in Singapore and is a futuristic metropolis. The public area of the Jewel Changi Airport connects Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

There was a projected railroad that would have connected the two cities—Kuala Lumpur and Singapore—since neither had a railway service at the time. The Singapore terminus was supposed to be the Jurong East district of the Jurong Innovation District.

The Malaysian government abandoned the project in January 2021 of the price. It may hold for the time being, but it might come back at some point. contention

Malaysian Development

Singapore has made bold plans to turn the city-state green by 2030. Keppel is engaged in research for a floating metropolis in Singapore. The inquisition of such nearshore urban developments by Keppel Bay could lead to the floating city in Singapore. 

Should I invest in a home in a sizable development? It’s a great question because purchasing a unit in mixed-use development brings up a lot of valid concerns. You want to miss this post if you’re like these of my clients. We’ll delve further into a study of Singapore’s massive developments today. First, let’s define mega projects and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of buying a condo in one. Let’s get going!

Endearing Homes For All 

The COVID-19 outbreak disrupted this Financial Year (FY), but some remained committed to providing Singaporeans at all stages of their lives with home alternatives. Inexpensive housing alternatives are available from housing industries for Singaporeans of different ages and phases of life.

Buyers can submit an online application and choose a unit under this sales mode as early as the following day. First-time homebuyers continue to benefit from generous housing grants to aid in the purchase of their apartment.

Paya Lebar Next Generation Neighbourhood

Options for monetization to assist seniors

To support seniors in ageing independently and confidently, HDB has put in place a variety of housing and revenue-generating options.

More senior housing assistance

Development and the Ministry of Health (MOH) jointly introduced the Community Care Apartments (CCAs), a new public housing concept for seniors.

The CCAs broaden the range of current senior housing alternatives. Providing them with homes that blend senior-friendly design elements with care services assists seniors who want to live freely in their golden years within the community hub. There is a furnished public area for residents to congregate, socialise, and participate in social events in each building.

LBS permits senior citizens to sell a portion of the lease on their apartments to supplement their retirement income. The maximum LBS bonus amount for homeowners of 3-room or smaller apartments, 4-room apartments, and 5-room or bigger apartments rose by 50% to $30,000, $15,000, and $7,500, respectively, starting on 1 April 2020.

Lovely and lovely house

Work this year was defined by partnering with the community facilities to create a city residents enjoy. To create a distinctive city that is rich in identity—one that every Singaporean has a stake in and is proud of—we strive to promote better community stewardship, from enlivening public spaces, conserving physical heritage, and supporting planning and architectural excellence.

Creating joyful spaces together

Suggestions for Public Areas: A crucial component of creating a great city is empowering residents to take responsibility for reshaping public areas and locations. They supported several initiatives last year that encouraged stakeholders and residents to come forward and animate streets,public space, and entire precincts.

Public areas are made more lively by citizens.

Greater involvement of local stakeholders and more attractive and lively precincts

recognizing shared built heritage As they worked with owners, experts, and interest groups to save, sustain, and enhance heritage buildings, community involvement in our conservation initiatives rose. These initiatives improved Singapore’s standing as a contemporary city-state with a rich legacy and identity and guaranteed the built environment’s ongoing relevance and survival in modern society. Kampong Day Out in Style

  • Preserving additional historic structures
  • Motivating everyone to create an energetic heritage landscape
  • Fostering collaborations and best practices for a livable city
  • Planning Festival for Cities

They reached out to an audience, including professionals, students, and members of the general public, to spread the word about the value of sound urban planning and architecture in creating livable Community Spaces. They also promoted industry best practice sharing and increased interest and participation in city planning among Singaporeans and tourists.

Streamlining the apartment buying process The freshly updated show apartments at the My Nice Home Gallery provide new interior design concepts, including work-from-home features and devices, for flat purchasers who wish to gain a greater sense of a flat’s interior. To envision the creative potential of their houses, flat buyers can take a virtual tour of the show flats.

Working diligently to keep projects on schedule

Units in all were during this fiscal year. The first two smart-enabled precincts in Punggol Northshore, which used technology in its planning, design, and estate maintenance, were among the 7,117 BTO units among these, which comprised the remaining 3,017. 307. rental apartments and an additional 810 units under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) finished.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on Singapore’s economy, the following steps were put in place to aid homeowners who might require support with their mortgage payments:

Charges for late payments are from April 2020 through September 2021.

  • Temporary waiver of mortgage interest under the Reduced Repayment Plan or the Deferment Plan
  • Extension of the instalment plan’s payback time beyond the previously permitted limit of five years
  • Extension of the mortgage loan term past the previously permitted 30-year maximum, subject to a 65-year age cap
  • More than 5,976 households benefited from various financial aid programs between January 2020 and March 2021.

The Homeownership Support Team (HST) was founded in December 2019 to help public rental households on their journey to home ownership, partnered with 654 rental households as of the end of 2020. 23 of the 227 houses buying a home in the next two years. They have already received their keys or have moved into their new homes.

Why buy – or avoid – a mega-development?

The Reasons For Mega Development Investment

Mega projects’ greater rental yields can to the condominiums’ increased allure of their amenities. People appreciate luxurious amenities like spas and Jacuzzis, and they’d have to pay more to rent a home that allows them to use these amenities.

amenities pasir ris nursing home

Additionally, the charge that pays in mega complexes will reduce because more families are splitting the overall cost of the maintenance fees that condominium buyers must pay, as shown in the chart below. In the massive Normanton Park like Bayshore Park, younger, smaller projects in Districts 5 and 15 as One-North Eden and Kent Ridge Hill residences. 

Given its lack of amenities, One Meyer stands out in this case. Even so, it has higher maintenance costs than Science Park Drive. Compared to smaller projects, mega developments’ maintenance costs 

Returned on Investment . Smaller condominiums have maintenance fees because of the prior argument. According to the table above, the average price would be $411. Examine the difference in return on investment between buying a unit in the entire development and buying one from another project using this average.

Bayshore Public Engagement

Return on Investment for a Project of Typical Size

Return on investment is the sum of your profits divided by your cash outlays. When costs, interest rates, and property taxes are the return on investment for buying non-mega development sites would be roughly 2.8% annually.

Let’s now examine large-scale developments with a $315 maintenance charge. The results of the computation are as follows: Mega Condo Project Return on Equity Return on Investment for Mega Development. When you buy a unit in a development, as seen from the chart above, your annual return on investment will be 3.3%. Developments are the way to go in terms of return on investment.

Maintenance & Protection Of Capital

According to my analysis, 3 of the top 5 condominiums for lucrative transactions in 2021 are massive developments (D’Leedon, The Minton, and Sims Urban Oasis), as seen in the table above. Examine The Minton in-depth as a case study. The Minton is a massive development with 1,145 apartments in Upper Paya Lebar. 

Price of the Minton Condo Transaction

The Minton Deal from May 2021:Let’s now contrast The Minton with smaller developments like Stars of Kovan (395 units) and The Tembusu (337 units). Compared to Stars of Kovan and The Tembusu, The Minton is further distant from the Punggol Coast MRT station. As you shall see later, this “disadvantage” had surprisingly little effect on the enormous development.

Other condos versus Mega Development

The Minton made an average profit of almost $232. 548 throughout the month units sold. Stars of Kovan and The Tembusu (Leasehold vs. Freehold) are at the other end of the spectrum with average profits of $145. 968 and $116. 800, respectively.

Compare the costs of developments in smaller condos.

Average Mega Profit vs. Normal Size Development Comparison

To make this idea clearer, let’s look at some more examples. We’ll examine D’Leedon, a 1,715-unit mega-development in District 10.

Caveat D’Leedon in May 2021

You will see that there was no caveat filed by the developer from the original buyer when one unit, although it appeared unprofitable. It indicates that the buyer of the unit did not take out a mortgage and, as a result, is not included in the data about the amount of profit made. Once that is taken into account, 10.

Unique Transaction Data for D’Leedon

Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the 1 unit from a sub-sale seems ineffective. The buyer paid the developer $885,249 for the flat, as shown in the information below.

Three years later, the owner sold the apartment. For that, he got $1.15 million. In 2021, the owner sold it for $1,01,000,000. Therefore, it would seem that he lost $50,000. In that aspect, the conclusion would be that Sims Urban Oasis, when acquired from the developer.

Unique Unit Data for Sims Urban Oasis as of May 2021

It deals with the investor making a $264,751 profit and selling the property before earning a 30% return on investment in three years (or a 10% return annually). However, because he took out an 80% loan at the time, his return on equity was 66.87%, or 22% return on equity annually!


The exclusivity that a unit in large City Developments Limited grants you is yet another excellent reason to invest in one. When it comes to facilities, residents are to choose. Look at Normanton Park down below.

Facilities at Normanton Park

As you can see, each unit at Normanton Park and Farrer Park is above the ground. Because units belong on higher ground, there will never be any discussion of a “low-floor unit.” Normanton Park boasts a massive 500,000 square feet of facilities, including four or five swimming pools that you can enjoy.  

amenities our tampines hub

New Luxury Condo in Norman park

Aside from that, many mega projects are additional features that set them apart. For instance, massive constructions are quite a distance from MRT stations. Residents do, however, get to benefit from more frequent and convenient bus services as a means of combating that. My clients usually tell me how much they enjoy living in large apartment complexes because they can easily reach the MRT station thanks to the frequent bus service. A lot of them believe it to be far more practical.

To better meet the requirements of their residents, mega projects sometimes feature stores, dining establishments, and even daycare facilities. This convenience is undoubtedly appealing and advantageous.

Do You Participate in Mega-Developments?

We’ve been harping on the advantages. Let’s now discuss some of the risks people connect with large-scale advancements. We’ll address each one separately.

A future sale if there are too many units.

Using this technique, you may determine the total number of one-bedroom units within a development’s 1-kilometre circumference. You should apply the 1 km Formula to the two distinct mega-developments you want to compare. 

Then, based on the sum you estimated, you should search for developments with fewer rival units to ensure property. You may also calculate the total transaction volume by dividing it by the units sold annually. You can determine how well the mega-development is selling using these formulas. The number you receive will also enable you to identify consumer-favoured projects.

Is Lesing Out?

Before you consider this, it is to profile the renter you hope to rent your apartment to the number of prospective tenants you might have in the future. 

Is En Bloc Hard To Do?

Large projects seem more to enblock based on historical data and precedence. It is so developers who want to build en bloc can afford to buy the fundamental piece of property and pay the locals a fair price. A mega residential development, which contains more households and apartments, will cost more money overall to unblock. It will therefore be much less likely to be en bloc. Therefore, it would be wise to hold off on buying a large development unit in the hope that it will en bloc. Choose a new launch that will be easier to sell instead.

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