Nan Chiau Primary School

by | May 26, 2022

Nan Chiau Primary School

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How Nan chiau Primary School Produces Talents?

The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan operates six primary schools in Singapore. Previously, it was Nan Chiau High School’s section. It was founded in March 1947 and has always kept pace with the times, renewing itself to meet the demands nation and contributing to Singapore’s educational development. The Nan Chiau Primary School became a full-fledged school, with the primary and secondary sections using the same facilities.

PAM’s talent development

Students allowed to put what they’ve learned in PE and recreational sports CCA into practice by competing in intra and inter-class tournaments. Students identified as gifted will be encouraged to join the school squad. Students have the opportunity to flourish in aesthetics as well in Nan Chiau Primary School. Talented children identified as having a passion or ability in music and art provided different platforms to display their talents, such as school concerts, mass singing, internal art competitions, and art and music lessons. Outstanding pupils who have demonstrated extraordinary musical and artistic ability refer to external competitions.


More features to the Art Blog in the future. The Art Blog will feature virtual art museum visits and additional digitalized student artwork. Students can use YouTube videos published on the Art Blog to supplement their courses and learn more. Students will go on a learning tour to the National Art Gallery, where they will use their tablets to snap photos and post them on blogs via the LMS portal. Art curriculum, 3–4 students use tablets in their digital art photography sessions. Students are also encouraged to seek inspiration from online sources and conduct research on their tablets. The Eco-Bin competition is conducted entirely online, with research and voting place.

AL Program (Applied Learning)

The NCPS Curriculum includes the Applied Learning Program.

Facilitate a balanced and well-rounded education is introduced to pupils in Primary 1 to 6. It supplements traditional disciplines by providing studies and practical learning connected to students’ everyday lives.  AL strives to enable students to grasp fundamental theories and concepts through application and practice and acquire generic skills in an authentic context, with equal emphasis on the development of knowledge, skills, and values. Applied Learning also strives to give students more opportunities to use computational thinking to develop their 21st-century skills.

NCPS students become competent communicators, collaborative learners, self-directed learners, and knowledge creators of their skills and beliefs.

Framework for NCPS CCE

The school’s CCE framework around three essential beliefs: Every kid can learn, Every child is good, and Every child is unique, as well as four school values: Respect, Responsibility, Sincerity, and Perseverance. It is the step in the formation of CCE in our pupils. CCE courses, cyber wellness, FTGP, SEL, and Sexuality Education are the ways we teach information in school. Students gain the essential (Head) to make morally upright and responsible decisions through these platforms. Next, the school uses ECG, VIA, CCA, PAL, and school events such as the four major NE events, charity food contributions, and orange distribution to neighbours to make values learning authentic and meaningful.

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