Nanyang Girls’ High School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Nanyang Girls' High School

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What Is The Frame Work For  Nanyang Girls’ High School?

The Singapore division of the Chinese United League established Nanyang Girls’ High School in 1917 to encourage Chinese education among local Chinese women. 1 The Singapore Nanyang Girls’ High School was the school’s original name, and it provided education. It began offering secondary school in 1931, formally renamed Nanyang Girls’ High School. 

2 The school moved three times from its original location in Dhoby Ghaut, first to Handy Road, then to King’s Road, and ultimately to its current home on Linden Drive. In 1917, the Singapore Nanyang Girls’ School opened in a row of shophouses in Dhoby Ghaut. 

Nanyang Girls High School

Framework For The Curriculum

Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) pupils participate in the Nanyang Integrated Programme (IP), a six-year programme that includes years 1-4 at NYGH and years 5-6 at Hwa Chong Institution. The tool allows for a customised curriculum leading to GCE ‘A’ levels.

We at NYGH believe that students are eager to learn and are self-motivated. The curriculum on the school’s significant legacy and culture of bilingualism, excellence, and service, strives to provide an enriching and challenging learning experience for high-ability students of varied talents and backgrounds.

Nanyang Girls High School Hallway

Framework For Teaching And Learning

Through our academic curriculum at NYGH, we strive to develop Empowered Learners. The students, as Empowered Learners,

  • They value opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice;
  • To keep oneself informed about their learning progress and identify and set learning goals, they should seek and use feedback.
  • devise techniques for achieving these learning objectives;
  • To build a grasp of the subject should learn individually and collectively.
  • to promote their development, they should reflect on their learning process and progress; and
  • take the initiative to contribute value to the learning process and others’ progress

To help our students become Empowered Learners, our teachers act as mentors and work together to create an environment that promotes holistic growth and development while empowering them to accomplish their goals.

Nanyang Girls High School Classroom

Frame For Learning To Serve And Lead

In developing the Character and Leadership Development curriculum following guiding ideas :

  • Values-based and student-centred
  • Character and Citizenship Representation in a Balanced Way
  • From Self to World: Extending Domains
  • Life Experiences of Students as Potential Contexts

The Be-Do-Have model will guide our students’ development: Person of character and confidence, then have the resilience to do the right things and finally, have the things we desire our contribution to the nation and the globe.

Nanyang Girls High School Canteen

Technology in Education

The activity facilitating teaching and learning by designing, employing, and managing appropriate technological procedures and resources is knowing educational technology or EdTech. EdTech is used at Nanyang Girls’ High School to empower students’ voices and make learning a student-driven process. To effectively harness technology in their learning, students take on the roles of Knowledge Constructors, Innovative Designers, Creative Communicators, and Global Collaborators, which are modelled after the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students. 

Thoughtfully organise various materials utilising digital tools to build knowledge, create creative artefacts, and create meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others. Throughout a design process, employ various technologies to find and address problems by generating new or inventive solutions.

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