National Junior College Secondary

by | Jun 23, 2022

National Junior College Secondary

National Junior College Secondary Singapore

About The School Of National Junior College Secondary

The 14th of May 1970 was a watershed moment in Singapore’s educational history. National Junior College launch then-Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew Republic’s first college system has served as a model for junior colleges constructed in subsequent years.

In 1969, our College was founded to centralise the two-year pre-university education for all language streams while maximising the use of specialised personnel and resources. Academics, civics, and co-curricular programmes designed to develop and nurture a new generation of aware and self-reliant young people with responsible and responsive social attitudes are consistent with the Singapore environment in National Junior College Secondary.

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The activities connected to Strategic Thrusts (STs) 1, 2, and 3 implement through the Enhanced Boarding Programme (EBP). NJCIans with a profound sense of duty to the community and nation, great character, sound leadership, and love for the pursuit of knowledge and interest are the results of four years of EPB. National Junior College Secondary achieve these goals, a well-designed and executed curriculum should have the following elements:

Character development and sustained self-identification: Under the leadership and mentorship of their seniors and house masters, the EBP instils self-discipline and provides chances for students to form and maintain lifetime relationships. Community awareness and rootedness fostered: Students put what they learn about tolerance for diversity into practice through various communal experiences.

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Community service is an essential part of NJC student life, as it embodies our College motto of “Service with Honour.” Our Values-In-Action (VIA) Program strives to cultivate the hearts and minds of both staff and students as a critical component of character education and the promotion of active citizenship. Our students develop a strong sense of social duty and empathy as contributing members of society and engage themselves in a life of noble purpose through active and continuous participation in community service. VIA also provides students with the opportunity to build Servant Leadership abilities, apply their creativity and problem-solving talents in real-world situations, and gain better awareness of their community.

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Citizenship and Character Education

Through a series of tiered academic and non-academic programmes, the NJC Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is a deliberate attempt to essential ethical ideals and create realistic learning experiences.

Given the world’s rising volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), CCE strives to help students build 21st Century abilities so that they may be discriminated against and plan their path of action based on moral ideals. The team aims to develop kids to become concerned citizens by having them address current concerns in class.

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Discipline and Student Management

In NJC, students require to make responsible decisions and weigh the risks and benefits of each action for themselves and others. It entails comprehending the impact and ramifications of one’s actions.

The Discipline Framework at NJC is part of the College’s Character and Citizenship Education programme, which aims to help students:

  • To achieve personal discipline and develop self-awareness and management.
  • Develop social awareness and responsibility for others’ well-being and Take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Throughout the students require to attend school and all of its programmes. Curriculum classes, CCAs, enrichment programmes, and consolidation sessions are all included.

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