NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

by | Jun 24, 2022

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Know About NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

The NUS High School of Maths and Science (also known as NUS High School or NUSH) is a specialised independent high school in Singapore that offers a six-year Integrated Programme (IP) that leads to the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. The National University of Singapore is its parent institution.

In a modular approach, the school offers accelerated mathematics and science curriculum that gets blended with language, arts, humanities, and sports. Over 70% of its alumni have gone to university to study Science, Technology, Engineering, or Medicine.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Room

The academic program

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science offers an Integrated Program that permits pupils to skip the GCE O Levels. It gives an NUS High School Diploma – accepted by all Singaporean colleges and universities everywhere.

The diploma’s curriculum is structured similarly to – that of its parent university, NUS. Elective modules let students develop their knowledge and may be required for a major in a specific area, whereas enrichment modules are solely for the student’s interests. The school uses a 5-point system called the cumulative average point (CAP), gets identical to the grade point average used in the United States.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Library

Curriculum that is not academic:

Students at other Singapore secondary schools – participate in a co-curricular activity (CCA). Performing arts, uniform groups, sports and games, and clubs and organisations are all examples of CCAs. Every student is assigned to one of four houses named after notable figures in mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry: Fibonacci, Faraday, Fleming, and Nobel, respectively. Unfortunately, students are unable to select their housing based on their preferences.

Program of Boarding

Living in the boarding school saves time and money because the vast graduation research is completed in Year five when students spend long hours in science laboratories. This approach also makes modules at the National University of Singapore more accessible throughout the year. The Ministry of Education subsidises NUS High School Residence (Boarding School) boarding expenses for NUS High School Year 5 pupils.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Classroom

Services for campus security

NUS High School – other universities and junior colleges – has an open-campus model where outsiders are allowed to attend with minimal supervision. However, security procedures to safeguard the safety of children and school property remain in place. Throughout the campus, proximity card readers are used, with varied permissions for different groups of people. All students, residents of the Boarding School, and staff, for example, can come by the back gate of the campus, but only staff can access the staff room. The school’s laboratories and art/music facilities, which house specialised equipment, have additional degrees of protection. The Boarding School also employs biometric (fingerprint) verification to further – safeguard – the kids’ living quarters.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Campus

NUS Libraries (National University of Singapore)

NUS High School’s library is an NUS Library – with the same loaning, transaction, and catalogue systems as any other NUS Library. Any books located in any other NUS Library can be requested and moved to the NUS Library in NUS High School by teaching personnel. All NUS High School students can obtain and have full electronic access to all the NUS Libraries’ journals.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Field

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