Pei Hwa Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Pei Hwa Secondary School

Pei Hwa Secondary School

What Do You Know About Pei Hwa Secondary School?

Ang Gong Pin, who saw a need for a school close to their villages because most schools got located in the cities and not everyone had the resources to send their children to and from the city – created Pei Hwa Public School along Yio Chu Kang Road in 1934 as Hwa Keow School. Pei Hwa Secondary School began as a country school with 17 classrooms and a principal’s and teachers’ dormitory.

In 1935, the town elders began raising funds for – the construction of a school site with the help of shop owners. Classrooms, an office, and two dormitories were built across the street from the school a few months later. Pei Hwa Public School first opened its doors in 1936.

Pei Hwa Secondary School view

School Reopening

Due to the Japanese occupation, the school got forced to close and reopen on October 8, 1945, with roughly 200 students. The damage inflicted during the occupation took two years to repair. Facilities were insufficient to satisfy the demands of the school system as the student population grew in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Pei Hwa Secondary School Management Committee constituted a School Construction Sub-committee, which sought – a new location and started a contribution drive and fund-raising campaign.

As a government-supported school, it is transforming.

Pei Hua Public School got designated as a government-aided school in 1955, and the school’s second phase, which included an assembly hall, was finished in 1961. Throughout the 1970s, the school was – upgraded – with the addition of a library, language laboratories, and science and music facilities, and it remained a well-equipped Chinese school in the Yio Chu Kang region. It began enrolling students in the English stream in 1978, and pre-primary education got added the following year. The school had 34 classes at its peak and was one of 28 primary schools receiving special attention from the Ministry of Education.

Pei Hwa Secondary School entrance

Programs in Science

The Science Department strives to provide students with relevant learning experiences by offering a variety of enrichment activities and competitions that allow students to understand science outside of the classroom. Students are introduced to science and technologies outside of the textbooks through partnerships with external organisations. We can foster a better interest in science in our students by participating in competitions.

The Art Department

Our goal at Pei Hwa is to instil a passion for art in our students so that they can be creative and confident learners. Our classes get designed to help students enjoy art in various settings. It gets accomplished through investigating several craft types in 2D and 3D art mediums. 

Lower secondary students – are taught observational drawing, photography, and ceramics, while upper school students – get taught painting, printmaking, and critiquing. Pupils gain a sense of accomplishment in the practice of art due to their exposure to many media.

Lower Secondary Syllabus for Food and Consumer Education (FCE)

Food and Consumer Education will get covered in all lower secondary schools (FCE). The curriculum gives pupils a vast understanding of nutrition and health concepts, food literacy, and food science fundamentals.

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