Ping Yi Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Ping Yi Secondary School

Ping Yi Secondary School

All You Need To Know About Ping Yi Secondary School

The new Ping Yi Secondary School, named after the former Pin Ghee Public School, opened on September 24, 1983, resurrecting an educational institution with a long and illustrious history. 3. The Ping Yi Secondary School logo consisted of two letters, ‘PY,’ which stood for striving for excellence. The name ‘Ping Yi’ may be traced back to Pin Ghee Public School in Chai Chee was established in 1930. In 1976, the ‘kampong’ school had close due to redevelopment. A new government primary and secondary school establishes agreed to maintain the school’s name. As a result, the ‘Ping Yi,’ is Hanyu Pinyin for ‘Pin Ghee,’ has a history.

Program for Oral Communication

Public Speaking Program in Secondary One Ping Yi Secondary School Secondary pupils have the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills and become more eloquent. They participate in the preparation process by brainstorming ideas with their peers in groups under the competent supervision of trainers. Students are also given tips and tactics for improving their public speaking abilities. Secondary two students learn about media literacy through a newscast programme.

Secondary two students gain hands-on experience crafting a television news broadcast using video editing tools such as Windows Movie Maker. They introduced various media team roles and duties during the stages of media creation. Students improve critical thinking abilities by examining societal issues from angles.

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Overview of the Maths Department

Mathematics is a discipline that allows pupils to expand their cognitive talents in problem-solving, logical reasoning, analysis, and spatial visualisation. To engage students’ senses and enhance their abilities in studying and applying Mathematics, the department uses manipulatives and other IT resources (online portals, videos, applets, classroom performance system, interactive whiteboard, and so on).

Genuine Learning Opportunities (ALE)

Authentic learning experiences develop and conducted for students to improve their problem-solving, logical reasoning, analytical, and spatial visualisation skills. They are exposed to real-life circumstances in which they can apply their math knowledge and skills. It allows children to appreciate the value of mathematics in their daily lives and enjoy learning to do so.

Overview of the Science Department

 Instilling the spirit of scientific inquiry and curiosity, the Science Department hopes to create a community of curious learners and critical thinkers. The construction of knowledge is a social process. Every student in our Science classes is a contributor and co-creator of information. By revisiting and improving explanations to challenges, we query, stimulate inquiry, and develop our views as a group. Students are in charge of their education, while teachers plan and facilitate it—their responses. Students will have opportunities to collaborate on ideas or critically uncover flaws in their explanations.


Humanities Teaching and learning come to life in Ping Yi! Teaching and learning take place outside of the classroom, away from textbooks. We believe in providing meaningful and varied opportunities for students to relate what they have learned in theory to what they are experiencing in real life. We provide regular doses of reality to supplement what students learn in their textbooks. The department organises field studies and learning experiences both locally and internationally. These opportunities and experiences pique students’ attention, keep their curiosity alive, and keep them actively engaged in their learning. 

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