Queenstown Secondary School

by | Jun 26, 2022

Queenstown Secondary School

Queenstown Secondary School entrance

Know The Education Provided By  Queenstown Secondary School

Queenstown Secondary School institution began to take on the character of a technical school in 1960, but facilities were still deficient due to a lack of lathes and workshop benches. In 1963, the school building underwent renovations. We now have a library and reading rooms thanks to the installation of four new classrooms. All 92 of our first-year students took the 1959 General Certificate of Education Examinations 1959.

As an all-boys technical school, Queenstown Secondary School began in 1956 as Queenstown Secondary Technical School. The school moved to Jalan Eunos. With 343 students in secondary one and two, it moved to Strathmore Avenue in January 1957 (there were only three main blocks).

Queenstown Secondary School student 1

Information and Communication Technology (Computing)

The Infocomm Club, the AV Club, and the Photography & Digital Media Club make up the ICT Club at Queenstown Secondary School. We are the driving force behind the school’s passion for ICT, videography, photography, and audio-visual, with six teachers in charge of roughly 40 dedicated members.

Members of the Infocomm Club gather once a week to work on software, game production, and animation abilities. We also compete in annual events such as the Schools Digital Media Awards under the supervision of an Infocomm trainer (SDMA). The Audio-Visual (AV) Club plays a critical role in the school’s day-to-day operations and events. They put in a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to provide quality audio and visual support.

Innovation and Design

Members are encouraged to experiment with new ideas, design new things, and create new things. Making mistakes and appreciating the process of tinkering and getting through any stumbling blocks. Members can now use the club’s facility for crafts, electronics, and 3D printing. Members will expose to various projects and design contests, and they will have the opportunity to work on their projects, subject to teacher clearance. And, true to the maker spirit, the club’s course will be shaped by the enthusiasm and interests of its members. The club is still in the early stages of development, waiting for its members to mould and create it.

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Games of Strategy

Teams from the ‘B’, ‘C’, and N(T) Divisions competed in the 16th National Inter-School Scrabble Competition and qualified for the finals, with one ‘B’ Division team taking 1st Runners-up in the Cup category. It is the highest-ranking in our school’s Scrabble history.

Four members competed in the Individual Event of the competition place, 4th, 8th, 25th, and 28th nationwide. It is also the highest individual ranking in our history. In addition has launched its Values-in-Action initiative, which teaches elementary school pupils basic Scrabble skills. A three-week training session with CHIJ (Kellock) finished successfully, and students from both institutions gained a lot of knowledge from each other.

Program of Applied Learning

The multidisciplinary (Geography and Science) Applied Learning Programme (ALP), announced by the Minister of Education during the workplan seminar in 2013, is in place at Queenstown Secondary, making it one of the few schools in Singapore to do so. Our pupils are better prepared to face the future, which is turbulent, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous they equip with the 5 Minds through the ALP programme.

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