Raffles Girls’ School Secondary

by | Jun 26, 2022

Raffles Girls' School Secondary

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Do You Know About  Raffles Girls’ School Secondary?

Raffles Girls’ School Secondary began as a division of Raffles Institution before becoming a separate school (RI). Raffles Girls’ School Secondary campus in Bras Basah Road hosted the precursor to Raffles Girls’ School Secondary on March 4, 1844, with 11 students, five-day scholars and six boarders clothed, fed, and instructed by the RI management. The school was transferred to RI’s eastern wing in 1847, stretching towards Bras Basah Road as the demand for education expanded. In 1855, Governor of the Straits Settlement Edmund Augustus Blundell defined the school as “a female school created for the education and religious instruction of children of poor Protestant parents.” 

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Education in Character and Leadership

Character and Leadership Education (CLE) is an essential aspect of the Raffles Girls’ School Secondary purpose to develop leaders who will use their talents to serve their country and community. Raffles Girls’ School Secondary approaches CLE from a holistic perspective, attempting to integrate cognitive and social elements.

As a result, our students are taught the KNOW, DO, BE principle, which ensures that they have the essential knowledge and understanding (KNOW) of what comprises strong character and leadership opportunities to practise the necessary skills (DO).

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Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education, guided by the Raffles Girls’ School Secondary NE Framework, instils our pupils in a critical understanding of the context and limits that Singapore faces, allowing them to build a stronger feeling of belonging and rootedness.

Learning Journeys Week, a programme that aims to enable active involvement and discussion of Singapore’s environment and the role it may play in Singapore’s future advancement fosters our students’ social consciousness and active citizenship. To meet the needs of our high-ability learners, student-led platforms will enable our students to lead their peers by engaging in dialogue with academics and top civil servants. For private-sector professionals on current issues the Raffles Policy Dialogue In-Conversation series allows them to develop multiple perspectives and understand current issues.

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Service Learning

Raffles Girls’ School Secondary Service-Learning programme aims to develop socially responsible persons in our students through opportunities for them to participate in meaningful community service. It takes place during their four years at Raffles Girls’ School Secondary and is part of the Character and Leadership Education programme. Our students actively participate in improving the local community through service learning, and they develop into independent, proactive learners as a result. They are prepared and empowered to serve, investigate, and respond to real-world community needs. Selected students include the Overseas Service-Learning programme and civic involvement projects through the Community Problem Solving programme.

Co-Curricular Activities 

Our students benefit from a diverse range of experiential learning opportunities for CCAs. They have the opportunity to engage in a variety of competitions, abroad excursions, workshops, and performances through CCAs. CCAs at RGS help students develop resilience and foster a deep passion for specific interests, leadership and teamwork. Because CCAs are more immersive, they usually give a wide range of experiential learning activities that aid development and healthy body involvement in games, uniformed organisations, competitions, overseas excursions, and workshops.

All of our pupils are required to participate in CCA. While we do our best to meet their various demands, there is a limit to the number of members a CCA can have.

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