Raffles Institution Secondary

by | Jun 26, 2022

Raffles Institution Secondary

Raffles Institution Secondary entrance

Did You Know About The Raffles Institution Secondary?

Raffles Institution (RI) is a Singapore-based independent educational institution. It is the country’s oldest school, founded in 1823 and named after Stamford Raffles. From Years 1 to 4, it offers only secondary education for boys, and in Years 5 and 6, boys and girls have pre-university education. Since 2007, RI and its affiliated school, Raffles Institution Secondary, have offered a six-year Raffles Programme that allows pupils to skip the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level exams in Year 6 and instead opt for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examinations. RI has produced 96 President’s Scholars, three Presidents, two Prime Ministers, four Speakers of Parliament, some Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament, and several Chief Executive Officers.

Raffles Institution Secondary bldg

Programs of orientation Orientation Camp for the First Year

The newest influx of Year 1 students participates in a three-day orientation camp that includes learning about the school’s culture and campus grounds and numerous activities to promote class bonding, leadership development, and other goals. Year 4 Peer Support Leaders, the Head and Deputy Head Prefects will accompany them throughout the camp and the rest of the orientation period. The Raffles Institution Secondary first-year students receive their school badges at the end of the Junior Rafflesian Investiture Ceremony (JRIC), which takes place on the Friday of Orientation Week.

Raffles Institution Secondary hallway

The Raffles Leadership Program

The Raffles Leadership Programme is a Leadership Development Department project that prepares students for leadership roles in school and life. The curriculum completes by all Year 3 students and includes the Leadership Challenge Workshop and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument. A one-term residential component at RI Boarding includes. The boarding programme began as a pilot in 2008 and has since expanded to a cohort.

Year 3 students participate in a ten-week residential programme in RI Boarding as part of the Raffles Leadership Program to learn about independent living skills. In 2019, the boarding programme to a seven-week duration.

Raffles Institution Secondary library

Council of Students (Year 5-6)

The Years 5-6 sector of the Students’ Council is divided into eight departments, including the Welfare Department, Communications Department, CCA Department, and five House Directorates, which make up the EXCO for each of the five houses. Each councillor also participates in one or two of the council’s six functions National Day, Teachers’ Day, Grad Night, Open House, Orientation, and Council Camp. A college-wide election method uses to choose members of the Students’ Council. Each batch goes through a rigorous screening procedure that ends in the Investiture of the Council. The President of the Students’ Council, aided by the executive committee, consists of two and three Heads.

Co-curricular activities Year 1-4 (Secondary School section)

CCAs divides into two categories: core and merit. All sports, uniformed groups, and performing arts, Raffles Debaters, are considered core CCAs, whereas merit CCAs include all other clubs and societies. At least one core CCA takes every student at the school. Although merit CCAs are optional, students urge to participate in at least one to enhance their core CCA. However, some merit CCAs, such as the Infocomm Club, may be used in place of a core CCA. Many of the school’s sports teams and uniformed groups have placed first in national inter-school tournaments.

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