Queensway Secondary School

by | Jun 26, 2022

Queensway Secondary School

Queensway Secondary School bldg view

Things To Know About Queensway Secondary School

Queensway Secondary School accommodates the additional enrolment, two new classroom blocks were built in 1975. In the year 2000, Queensway absorbed pupils from Mei Chin Secondary School, which had closed down, and in January 2001, it amalgamated with Buona Vista Secondary School. The emergence of Queenstown coincided with the establishment of the school. The school had 36 courses and 50 professors by 1963. It then converted to a two-session school. 

On September 2, 1961, Lim Teck Hin, Member of Parliament for Tiong Bahru, launched QSS. It was the first school to construct a badminton hall.

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The CCA’s Art Club Overview:

The Art Club began on a two-month-long Wall Mural Painting Project year. Queensway Secondary School come with the design and paint the mural, our members brainstormed ideas and worked as a team. Apart from that Club participated in school-related activities such as designing a T-shirt for the 60th Anniversary, entering Logo Design competitions, and making souvenirs for school functions. Members also part in other competitions Organ Donation Awareness Art Competition and the SYF Goes Online 2021 Art Labs. These activities allow our members to express their creativity while honing their character, leadership, and communication abilities.

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Community Service Club (CCA) Overview:

The Community Service Club has been around for three years and continues to foster compassionate citizens among Queensway residents. Our 26 dedicated members gather weekly to develop projects to fulfil the community’s needs, exhibiting a strong commitment and desire to help others. During the epidemic, the Community Service Club continued to organise innovative fund-raising ventures, such as snack sales, handicraft creations, and carnival games. The amount of money raised from these ventures considerably exceeded everyone’s expectations. Members also attended a deaf awareness session held by the Singapore Association for the Deaf in April. They got a better awareness of the deaf community and learned some sign language during the training.

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The CCA’s Media Club provides an overview of the CCA:

The Infocomm Technology (Media Production) Club is a new CCA founded by combining the existing Infocomm and AVA Clubs. With an emphasis on digital media, game development, basic programming abilities, and audiovisual support seek to provide a pleasant and relevant environment for students to grow and deepen their technological insights. The group also encourages members to develop leadership, business, and community service abilities.

In Semester One, the student leaders taught a range of courses to the junior club members. Introduction to smartphone photography, which covered all parts of the photographic process and lighting to editing and post-production one of the courses offered. 

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The CCA’s Library Overview:

Despite some significant hurdles in 2021, the Library Club had a productive and enjoyable year. Due to renovations, the Main Library has been closed for the majority of the year Club assisted in the establishment of temporary library space to meet the reading needs of the Queensway community. Students in the Library Club got information literacy training befitting their standing as the school’s media literacy specialists. This year, the Library’s social media presence substantially developed as part of the Club’s outreach and publicity activities. The Library Instagram account has doubled in followers and is now promoting reading at the school through book sharing, reviews, and themed posts.

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