Presbyterian High School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Presbyterian High School

Presbyterian High School entrance

Everything You Need To Know  Presbyterian High School

Mrs Pang opted to name the various blocks in the school after well-known men and women in the Bible to ensure that PHS recognise as a mission school. The school hall was named ‘Bethel Hall’ after the Bethel Presbyterian Church, which had financed its construction. The block holding the was named ‘Solomon’ in honour of King Solomon. 

Presbyterian High School ‘Esther’ block houses the General Office was given that name. Joshua, Moses, David, Daniel, Isaiah, Ruth, and Noah of the teaching blocks that house the classrooms and learning labs respectively. Mrs Pang also named all of the classes after Christian virtues to ensure Christian influence: Blessing, Compassion, Devotion, Endurance, Faith, Grace, Humility, Integrity, Agape, Blessing, Compassion, Devotion, Endurance, Faith, Grace, Humility, Integrity.

Presbyterian High School

Framework for Teaching and Learning (T&L) at PHS

Presbyterian High School lays out clear learning standards and guides how to educate that promote effective learning. It considers student diversity and focuses on individual learners’ interests, abilities, readiness, and learning style to maximise motivation and achievement. It empowers learners to take charge of their learning by providing them with the knowledge and skills to engage in self-directed, lifelong learning.

Citizenship and Character Education

The Character and Citizenship Education Program at PHS aims to help students build excellent character and grow into whole people worthy of God and man. Every PHS student should prioritise character, believe in future, and love the country to our vision. Our principles are respect, responsibility, resilience, empathy, and integrity.

PHS mission school places a heavy emphasis on character development. Students have many opportunities and platforms to engage in experiential learning better internalise the principles in addition to explicit teaching through curriculum and co-curriculum programmes. The formal curriculum, form teachers’ CF classes, the Cyber-Wellness Program, the National Education Program, the Sexuality Education Program, the Student Leadership Program, the Community Youth Leadership Program, and others are among them.

Presbyterian High School view

Education and Guidance in Choosing a Career

Education and Professional Guidance (ECG) aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to make informed decisions at each critical educational level, allowing them to manage their career paths and lifelong learning in their lives. 

Since mid-2015, ECG Counsellors have to MOE Secondary and Pre-University Schools Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEI). Mr Christopher Tan, our ECG Counsellor at PHS, helps students make informed decisions based on their interests and strengths and can make a meaningful contribution to society through their future careers.

Sexuality Education

In schools, sexuality education (SEd) aims to help students understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur as they grow older, develop healthy and rewarding relationships, including those with people of the opposite sex, and make wise, informed, and responsible sexuality decisions. The importance of the family as the basic unit of society lies at the heart of SEd. It entails promoting happy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear families with the help of extended family. The teaching and learning of SEd based on respect for the many ethnic and religious communities in Singapore’s values and beliefs on sexuality issues.

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