Peicai Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Peicai Secondary School

Peicai Secondary School 1

Learn More About The Peicai Secondary School

Peicai Secondary School was founded in 1984 as a consequence of the merger of Parry Secondary School and Hwi Yoh Secondary School, which took over the previous Hwi Yoh Secondary School’s premises. The Peicai Secondary School name derives from the names its two “mother” schools in Chinese. “Nurture of Talents” Hanyu Pinyin for “Peicai.”


The Art curriculum strives to instil a love of art in our children and eventually build a lifelong interest. We hope that by making links between visual expressions and personal experiences, our students will be able to see the world in new ways. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design are introduced in the Peicai Secondary School Lower Secondary Art syllabus to aid understanding of art concepts and art using various art materials.

The emphasis on 2D drawing and painting in the Upper Secondary Art syllabus develops students’ technical and exploratory skills in preparation for their GCE ‘N’ Levels and GCE ‘O’ Level Art Coursework. It also seeks to encourage students to be creative in their thinking by allowing them to explore, create, and evaluate ideas.

Peicai Secondary School students

Technology & Design

The goal of the D&T curriculum is to pique students’ interest in design and raise their awareness of it. It is accomplished using a Design & Technology theme approach. Basic sketching abilities taught students they can convey their ideas and views about design. 

The Design Process is a part of the upper secondary curriculum that allows pupils to think and invent imaginatively. It attempts to improve students’ analytical and critical thinking abilities by assessing the viability of their concepts and refining them. It also involves students in problem-solving and creative thinking tasks through experiential and hands-on exercises.

Unit Of Nutrition And Food Science

Lower Secondary Syllabus for Food and Consumer Education (FCE). The FCE curriculum aims to teach students how to be health-conscious and discriminating consumers. Consumers will be able better manage their lives now and in the future. The focus is on how individuals and families use their food, financial, and time resources to meet their physical, emotional, social, and economic requirements.

It is a modular subject in Peicai, with Secondary One students learning it in Semester Two and Secondary Two students in Semester One. Project Heart@Peicai, which engages all Secondary two students, is one of the NFS Unit’s most programmes. Project Heart@Peicai combines abilities taught in Food & Consumer Education (FCE) classes with 21st-century skills and adopts them.

Physical Education 

Through physical activities, the Physical Education (PE) Program in Peicai aims to develop the physical, cognitive, social, and affective components of all Peicaians. The department’s goal is to provide our students with the necessary information and abilities to continue living a physically active and healthy lifestyle through sports and games.

Peicai’s PE programme largely follows the new PE Syllabus 2014. Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball are just a few of the sports and games that Peicaians can learn. In teaching sports and games, the department embraced the Games Concept Approach. The acquisition of game concepts and information is enhanced by this strategy, allowing students to experience games more fully.

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