Pei Tong Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Pei Tong Primary School

Pei Tong Primary School Logo

Guide to Know About Pei Tong Primary School

The school believes that knowledge and skills should get based on values and character development. While they strive to assist each student achieve full potential, the ultimate goal is to grow him into a global citizen with a moral and ethical compass. They support parents in instilling values by collaborating closely with them. Care, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Resilience, and Excellence are some of the school’s basic principles. Teachers get seen as critical in supporting each child’s future success, and the Pei Tong Primary School prides itself on fostering a caring culture.

Meta Description

Pei Tong Primary School is a Singapore government primary school in Clementi, western Singapore.

School Crest and Motto

The Pei Tong Primary School crest represents the initials “PT” and the school slogan “We Look Ahead.” The letters “PT” stand for Pei Tong, which signifies “to care for the young.” The close closeness of the letters symbolizes the intimate relationship between the students and their teachers. It also represents the close bond that exists between parents and instructors. The school’s motto echoes the founders’ objective of nurturing young people and preparing them for future positions.

School Distinctive Program And Services

I ACE Through Sports

Sport is a fantastic way to improve one’s character. Students learn and show Social Emotional Learning competencies and school values through activities created with them in mind. Pei Tong’s “I ACE via Sports” programs emphasize a focus on perseverance and strive to physically and psychologically push pupils. Currently, every grade level participates in at least two or more athletic activities per year. The activities get carefully selected to allow pupils to participate in activities not included in the PE curriculum.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Every Pei Tong student’s educational experience revolves around character education. It aims to instill principles in all pupils and develop Personal Mastery, Resilience, Citizenship, and Leadership skills. The Values-In-Action program (VIA), often known as the ‘iCare’ program, is a critical platform for achieving CCE goals. It uses the ‘3A’ strategy of raising ‘Awareness’ and giving platforms for students to take ‘Action’ to serve, to instill in them the ‘Attitude’ of wanting to provide and give back to the community.

Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

IPW gets built on a problem-solving methodology (PBL). Students will be able to expand their learning by synthesizing knowledge from various areas through these projects. They’re also places for students to practice 21st-century skills like critical and creative thinking and communication, collaboration, and information management. Students will be both self-directed learners and active contributors throughout the projects.

Read @ PT

A person’s ability to learn and grow is enhanced by reading. Pei Tong is a firm believer in independent learning, which occurs when kids develop a love for and competence in reading. The school’s reading program aims to foster their love of reading by utilizing various reading platforms to increase their interest in and capacity for reading. The LIFE (Literature-rich, Interesting, Fun, and Engaging) principles drive the schoolreading curriculum for kids.

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