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by | Jun 1, 2022

List Of Polytechnic summary

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Know More About The Polytechnic Colleges

Taking the first step into a new educational institution can be a frightening experience for many students. It is especially true if the institution’s surroundings appear strange and unusual! As we grow older and continue our education, we are increasingly left to our own devices and navigate our way with Polytechnic summary.

Meta Description

Polytechnics are tertiary institutions in Singapore that emphasise project-based education. Poly education for students usually lasts three years.

Length and Focus of the Program

The Polytechnic summary curriculum is three years long, while the JC programme is only two years long. The focus of polytechnic education on preparing students to enter the workforce, whereas JC education is on preparing students for their A-Levels. Poly and JC students experience varying amounts of stress due to the duration of the school year students are the focus. I’ll go over the aspects that influence how stressful poly and JC in the next section.

Monetary variables

Poly costs will be $3,000 per year in 2020, whereas JC fees will be roughly $200 per year. You may not have to take similar courses that you acquired in poly when you enrol in university, which implies lower university school fees!

Aside from school tuition, poly students are not allowed to wear uniforms, which means you’ll have to spend money on new clothes over your three years (unless you want your peers to tease you for wearing the same thing every week!) On the other side, JC students require to wear school uniforms, which eliminates the need to purchase new clothing.

The  Curriculum

Polytechnic education places a greater emphasis on practical skills and project-based learning. It is in stark contrast to the secondary school curriculum JC programme, which emphasises theoretical knowledge and independent study.

Students who already know what jobs they want to pursue in the future can be advantageous. They can obtain the necessary skills for their intended job scopes in polytechnics, preparing them well for entry into the workforce. Biomedical Science, Business Management, and Accounting are some of the most popular subjects for students.

Fees for School and Other Financial Concerns

Polytechnic education is generally more expensive than JC education, with students spending around $3000 per year average. Of course, this is dependent on the variety that students can enrol in, so double-checking is essential.

Students must pay the adult cost for public transportation, but they can ask for a bus or rail concession! Of course, students who seek financial assistance can get it at the Polytechnics.


Teachers will no longer monitor students as tightly as they were in primary and high school. It means Polytechnic students will have the option truly take control of their education and gain some freedom! Students will be responsible for things like navigating around courses and campuses. It also helps students prepare for university life if they choose to continue their education. As a result, students must learn to be more organised and plan their schedules (more or less) independently. As a result, pupils taught to be alert at all times. And, of course, the most allure aspect of Polytechnics is the lack of uniforms.

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