Punggol Cove Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Punggol Cove Primary School

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All you need to know about the Punggol Cove Primary School

School is capable of looking after oneself and others. Know how to look after one’s health and growth physically.Conscious of the importance of caring for others while also understanding how to protect oneself. The Punggol Cove Primary School Is committed to helping, caring for, and serving their family and community. Recognize and respond to one another’s needs at home, at school, community. Capable of persuading and persuading others. Using sound arguments to make people of our point of view. A method that does not put others at a disadvantage. Assisting others in seeing the bigger picture and meeting and caring for the needs of the greater community

Meta description:

On the 2nd of January 2016, Punggol Cove Primary School opened its doors. The address for the school is 52 Sumang Walk S. (828674).

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos

Value: Empathy

Characteristics and Practices of Empathy:

1) Values others’ viewpoints, constantly seeing things from their point of view, and seeking consensus. Do not dismiss someone because of their differences or biases.

2)Listens to others and attempts to understand them; practice listening and understanding others. Before you strive to be understood, try to understand.

Value: Mindfulness

Mindfulness’s Characteristics and Practices:

1) Self-awareness and social awareness. Recognize who we are and how we affect others. Recognize our strengths and how we might put them to good use in the service of others.

2) Can appreciate aesthetics and the surroundings for their attractiveness. Recognize and enjoy music, art, and the natural world and know how to take care of one’s physical environment.

3) Can significantly organize ideas and facts before action. Before acting, put thoughts together in a clear and meaningful way to obtain knowledge and wisdom. Stop. Consider and act.

4) Capable of foresight. Observe what is around us and recall prior experiences to foresee future possibilities and risks. Observe what is happening around us and previous experiences to anticipate future opportunities and threats.

  • Vision

Dream Of Every Student Being An Educated Child And A Contributing Citizen Who Is Ready To Serve And Lead.

  • Mission

Care For The Whole Child, Generation Of Future Leaders

  • Values

Empathy, Consciousness, And Concern

  • Motto

To Lead By Serving

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Physical Sports

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Floorball
  • Football

Uniformed Groups

  • Scouts

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art and Craft Club
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • New Media and Technology
  • Oratorical and Drama

Clubs and Societies

  • Health And Fitness Club
  • Sports Club


  • Art
  • Chinese
  • English Language
  • Malay
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Tamil

Unique Programs & Services:

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) 

This problem-based learning program gets created to encourage students to apply what they’ve learned in English and New Media & ICT classes to the school and community. The three learner blocks: lower primary, middle primary, and upper primary, are represented in service-learning activities. Direct service, indirect service, and advocacy are the three types of activities.


Primary 1 and 2 students are exposed to the four PAL domains of Outdoor Education, Performing Arts, Sports & Games, and Visual Arts through our Programme for Active Learning (PAL). This curriculum is experiential, includes values and social-emotional development, and incorporates learning creatively. 

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