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by | May 28, 2022

River Valley Primary School

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Everything You Need To Know About River Valley Primary School

River Valley Primary School was founded in 1985 when three primary schools joined to form one school with 1700 students: River Valley Chinese, River Valley English, and Kim Seng.

In March 2004, it relocated to its current location at River Valley Green. On April 7, 2005, Mayor Heng Chee How formally inaugurated the campus.

Meta Description:

In 1985, three elementary schools, River Valley Chinese, River Valley English, and Kim Seng, combined to become River Valley Primary School.

Important Approaches


The English curriculum at River Valley Primary School gets based on STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading).

STELLAR has fully implemented in the school from Primary One to Primary Six. STELLER’s mission is to instil a love of reading in youngsters and a firm foundation in the English language. It uses engaging and age-appropriate tactics and instructional resources to boost children’s English language development and foster a good attitude toward reading in the foundational years.

The 2020 EL Syllabus gets launched in 2020 – with the vital goal of developing efficient language usage among students – focusing on 21st-century competencies, values, and soft skills like empathy and cultural sensitivity. There is a greater emphasis on language learning on metacognition, multiliteracies, and inquiry via dialogue. It gets achieved through teaching methodologies that lay explicit – on Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for Learning.

Critical Thinking Through Questioning:

Questioning approaches based on the updated Bloom’s Taxonomy are employed in daily teaching and learning to develop critical thinking among our students. Teachers choose age and developmentally appropriate techniques to provide our children with the skills they need to acquire the 21st Century Competencies that gets required in today’s globalized environment. Making – Thoughts Our curriculum incorporates visible routines to promote and shape students’ inquiry and thinking. Our pupils are engaged in thinking routines such as See-Think-Wonder as a pre-reading tool and Perspective-Taking for upper primary writing.

Leadership among students (Councilors):

Every kid matters at RVPS, and we think that every RVian has the potential to lead. As a result, the Every RVian A Leader initiative aspires to deliver a holistic education that is value-driven and student-centered to develop our students to their full potential.

A school-wide strategy gets used to instil character strength in our kids, with staff and key partners participating in the student’s leadership abilities. After six years, students will have acquired four crucial leadership qualities: communication, collaboration, care, and responsibility, get developed using the 4Es strategy, which stands for Equip, Enrich, Empower, and Explore.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA):

RVPS strives to provide high-quality Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programs for our students under our four student-centered strategic objectives. CCA, we believe, is a crucial part of a child’s education.

Through CCA, we believe in the necessity of values education. Our instructors collaborate with our partners to offer lessons that include the Character & Citizenship Education learning outcomes. We provide a diverse choice of CCAs to accommodate our students’ diverse interests.

We employ the LEAPS Approach, utilized by secondary schools in our students’ development plans to guarantee that characteristics like Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation, and Service-Learning gets incorporated into our CCA programs.

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