South View Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

South View Primary School

South View Primary School Logo

All You Need To Know About South View Primary School

Learn for Life is a value, mindset, and talent our school students might desire to acquire. Our South View Primary School students want to be robust, versatile, and international. They must be interested and eager to learn throughout their lives and pursue education. Examinations and grades are thus minor milestones in a kid’s life experience.


The school’s vision is one in which we seek to bring out the best in one another in all that we do. We aspire to create a learning culture staff and students are encouraged to enhance their learning and become values-anchored.


The school will do all possible to inspire our students by concentrating on their needs, learning skills, and starting point to boost their enthusiasm to study and establish a good attitude toward learning and lifelong learning. We dedicate to raising a new generation of responsible and helpful citizens by instilling a sense of responsibility, appreciation, and service humility.


Our school motto supports the vision and mission of the school by encouraging staff and students to study, comprehend, and practice with an open and observant mind and to serve with a compassionate heart to contribute to society Afford.

Core Values: 

School values emphasize the characteristics we desire to see in our pupils. They are as follows: Integrity, Caring, Respect, Resilience, and Responsibility.

School Crest:   

South View’s emblem, a diamond created from the characters “S” and “V,” is a sign of superior education. Blue represents a rough diamond. Yellow symbolizes the radiance and radiance of a polished diamond. His studies have refined him by the time he leaves school, and he shines with ambition and intelligence.

Strategic Motivators:


Pursuing greatness via high-quality programs:

SO 1.1: Creating high-quality programs that promote deep learning, student engagement, and varied classroom methodology.


Character development as a whole-school effort:

SO 2.1: Progressively learn the values through essential school programs.

SO 2.2: Raising cultural awareness in pupils through an organized 6-year arts curriculum

SO 2.3: Providing opportunities for students to build a heart for service.


Encourage competent and engaged employees via professional development:

SO 3.1: Increase staff competency via cooperation and involvement in school projects.

SO 3.2: Create opportunities for staff involvement in essential school programs.

SO 3.3: Foster a caring culture to boost employee morale and engagement.


Strengthen collaboration to strengthen partnerships

SO 4.1: Collaborate with strategic partners to develop relevant and high-quality educational programming.

SO 4.2: Improve communication with parents and stakeholders.

On this journey, we need your help and collaboration. Help our southerners explore their hobbies and abilities while learning to be organized, self-discovery and self-control, having fun, and recovering from disappointment. Above all, never lose faith in them as they negotiate the ups and downs of school life.

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