St. Andrew’s Junior School

by | May 28, 2022

St. Andrew's Junior School

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All You Need To Know About St. Andrew’s Junior School

St. Andrew’s Junior School (SAJS) works hard to awaken the heart of every child that comes through our doors so that they can become servant leaders who merit life and make tremendous efforts for the welfare of others. At St. Andrew’s Junior School, our children learn that education is not just for ambitious academic goals or for one’s advantage but is also about equipping oneself with the best knowledge, skills, and values to serve and aid others. We strive to develop our children into exemplary characters who meet TRUE (Thanks, Resilience, Oneness, Empathy) and WISE (Wonder, Integrity, Self-Discipline, Excellence) values from St. Andrew’s shows village.

Meta description:

St Andrew’s School may have begun in the 1850s, when two Anglicans, Mr. Sim Quee, and Mr. Tye Kirn, established a private institution on Chin Chew Street.


St Andrew’s School was started due to Reverend Humphreys’ sermon on Pentecost Sunday in 1856 when 37-year-old laypersons formed a Committee for the Propagation of the Gospel in Singapore. They hired a missionary, which resulted in the arrival of Rev. Edward Sherman Venn in 1861. The Chin Chew Street private institution was not with the Anglican Church at the time. The merger did not place until September 8, 1862, when the Anglican Church approved Rev. Venn’s efforts and persuasion. 


We aim for excellence in the development of the all-around student, fashioned in Christian principles so that he would become an upright man of grace and polish.

Spiritual Aspect:

St. Andrew’s Junior School of an England Church. Therefore it emphasizes the Passover Message and enlightens our kids on the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Aspects of Education:

The school aspires to educate, not only literate, our children because it is far more vital to prepare them to be decent, productive, and wise citizens. We recognize the wide range of educational abilities of our kids. It will customize our curriculum in terms of breadth, intensity, and diversity to fit the fantastic groupings of pupils in our charge. The institution recognizes the need to achieve strong bilingualism, and to that end, we shall make every effort to motivate and promote language learning among our students. We’re also looking for ways to promote high numeracy abilities amongst our kids.

Moral and Social Principles:

The school seeks to implant in our pupils the moral and social ideals and goals of our society, which they will then put into practice in their interactions with others. The school’s goal is to provide an efficient moral education curriculum based on the value of God to man in Jesus Christ.

Physical Education: 

The school values physical fitness and encourages and maintains high aerobic and anaerobic fitness. As a subject, Physical Education is a serious subject, and the school aims to develop skills in at least three sports and games by the time students graduate from St Andrew’s Junior School.

Crest of the school:

Keys to Understanding-Curiosity is something always striving to learn.

Heart of Courage-Confidence and Strength

Up and Away- Better action fosters a spirit of constant development.

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