St. Anthony’s Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

St. Anthony's Primary School

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What To Know About St. Anthony’s Primary School

Every kid at St Anthony’s is unique, with their abilities, interests, and potential. The school provides opportunities and experiences for Anthonians to explore and discover their talents, interests, and potential as they progress through their school careers. They instill in Anthonians a desire to study and serve and the desire to help them achieve their goals, all while instilling strong values and character. St. Anthony’s Primary School allow children to learn how to learn and live, enabling them to become people of integrity and people for others in God’s service, as stated in the school’s mission.

Meta Description

St Anthony’s Primary School (formerly known as St Anthony’s Boys’ School) is one of the seven Lasallian Schools in Singapore, founded in 1879.

School Curriculum

St. Anthony’s Primary School offers English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue Language programs. Students and the development of their metacognitive skills are at the center of the program.

Distinctive Program

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

CODE@SAPS is a coding program tailored to Anthonians in Primary 3 to 5 to teach students the principles of computational thinking, innovative thinking, and critical thinking. Students will gain 21st Century Competencies and experience the thrill of learning for life beyond academic pursuits, allowing them to become self-assured individuals, active contributors, and concerned citizens.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

SAPS offers a Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Visual Art based on the Lasallian ethos and philosophy. They hope to instill in children a drive to learn about different art forms and processes, develop an art appreciation, and use their skills to help others. All students get enrolled in the Tier 1 program, which is part of the school’s Visual Arts (VA) curriculum. From P1 through P6, students explore specialized creative forms through Digital Art and Ceramics modules, which progressively increase students’ talents.


CCAs (Co-Curricular Activities) are a vital aspect of a student’s educational experience. The following objectives guide CCAs at SAPS:

  • Through their CCA involvement, Anthonians enhance their character and live out the school vision of becoming the best they can be to improve the world.
  • Nonacademic knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes get developed by Antonians.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) focus on the specific information development, skills, and values based on the CCA chosen by the student. Students can find their interests and abilities by participating in a CCA, which also serves as a platform for students from various backgrounds to interact and create lasting friendships.

Growth Mindset@SAPS

Growth Mindset@SAPS is a whole-school strategy to cultivate a growth mindset culture and make our kids passionate and joyful learners. People’s mindsets are their views about their skills. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University professor of psychology, discovered that those who feel their intelligence can (growth mindset) outperform those who believe their intelligence is static (fixed mindset). The school has made it a goal to promote a growth mentality among its students at SAPS. They introduced Dr. Carol Dweck’s theories to staff and students as part of our Back-to-School event in 2021, intending to embed them in the school’s ethos.

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