St. Gabriel’s Primary School

by | May 29, 2022

St. Gabriel's Primary School

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Guide About St. Gabriel’s Primary School

A devoted team of employees at St Gabriel’s Primary School is always looking out for the well-being and holistic development of the boys. Teachers have also modeled lifelong learning by interacting with, developing, and preparing more engaging and intriguing lessons for the boys, with the current focus on reducing exam stress and boosting the joy of learning. There is now a greater emphasis in daily classes on the boys working together to learn in St. Gabriel’s Primary School. As students internalize the academic knowledge presented and develop life skills that will enable them to contribute to the community, they engage more with one another.

Meta Description

St Gabriel’s Primary School is a government-funded Catholic boy’s school administered by the Brothers of St Gabriel in Singapore.

The Attitude of the School

The St. Gabriel’s Primary School educate pupils by instilling the ‘flame of inquiry’ in them, preparing them for a lifetime of learning. Effective academic programs meet students’ diverse learning needs, styles, and interests. Inquiry Week, the Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) class for academically bright students, and bridge programs for individuals who require assistance are the programs available. They think that each child is ‘gifted’ and encourage them to reach their full potential. Students have an exciting and immersive school experience when they have a stable of different and intriguing co-curricular activities.

School Special Program

Gabrielite Digital Literacy Program(GDLP)

For Primary 3 children, the school has established the Gabrielite Digital Literacy Programme (GDLP), which is an applied learning curriculum. They recognize the importance of digital literacy in preparing our Gabrielites for the future. In an increasingly digital environment, the GDLP will provide young digital users with the knowledge, skills, and attitude that will enable them to be secure and empowered.

Gabrielite Football Academy (GFA) 

The Gabrielite Football Academy (GFA) was established in 2019 to provide boys with a complete education to help them grow into leaders, athletes, and achievers. Mr. Martin Tan, the new principal, envisioned a whole-school CCA with a holistic focus for every student at St Gabriel’s Primary School who wants to play football.

The boys are chosen from P1 and put through a rigorous on-field and off-field training program. 

Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM)

Each Gabrielite possesses unique abilities. They also understand that there are boys among Gabrielites who learn at a different rate and who would benefit from a more rigorous and intellectually challenging program. As a result, a tailored curriculum was needed to cater to them, which led to the creation of the St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) class in 2016.

Montfortian Leadership Program (MLP)

MLP gets created with the theoretical foundations of Kouzes and Posner’s “Student Leadership Challenge.” The Leadership Challenge® places a strong emphasis on how student leaders inspire others to desire to accomplish great things. It’s about the strategies used by student leaders to turn principles into actions, dreams into realities, roadblocks into breakthroughs, isolation into solidarity, and risks into opportunities. It’s about creating an environment where people can take on complex tasks and turn them into extraordinary achievements.

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