St. Patrick’s School

by | Jun 28, 2022

St. Patrick's School

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More To Know About St. Patrick’s School

Saint Patrick’s was established in 1933 as a temporary branch school of another Catholic boys’ school in Singapore, Saint Joseph’s Institution. St. Patrick’s School was constructed on land purchased by the La Salle Brothers in 1898 intention of a vacation bungalow. When Brother Stephen Buckley noticed the rapid growth of the population in eastern Singapore, he petitioned the La Salle Brothers to create a school there. Saint Patrick’s was a separate school in 1933 after the main school building finished in 1932.


St. Patricks School Campus

Departmental Achievements and Events

Music Education in the Lower Secondary School

The LLP in Music & Music Technology at the school aims to give all students the chance to learn instruments, perform, and produce a tune in St. Patrick’s School.

1. Ukulele Lessons

Students will learn the fundamentals of ukulele playing before participating in group cooperation and small performances. Students are encouraged to perform music covers at the end of the programme using their newly acquired talents.

2. Keyboard Training

In this session, students will study the fundamentals of the piano in a contemporary pop manner, including melody and chords played with both hands. For their assessment, students will play a piece of a pop song with both hands using the abilities learned.

St. Patricks School Classroom

3. Using Music Technology and ICT Tools to Create Music

Students will learn to use Music Technology to produce music arrangements, emotive or action music cues, and more.

Music Enrichment Program (Secondary)

During their Orientation week, Secondary One students will participate in this programme. It introduces students to the Military Band and Guitar Ensemble’s music. It allows Secondary One students to music performances from the Military Band and Guitar Ensemble follow experimenting and trying out the various instruments available through hands-on instrument stations anchored by students from the VPA CCAs.

St. Patricks School Students

Interest Group for Computational Thinking

This interest group is made up of students who desire to learn more about computational thinking. Various venues are available for them to put their technical expertise to use, with some of these innovations benefiting other students and even the general public.

Several students from this interest group competed in the DrCT 2021, a computational thinking competition in which students completed assignments reviewed by the National Olympiad of Informatics (NOI). They did exceptionally well and were awarded the following honour: One gold medal, two silver medals, four bronze medals, and three honourable mentions awards. Some of these pupils later went on to compete in the NOI.

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Workshop on Tournament Management in E-Sports

Students learned what goes on behind the scenes of e-sports events and the critical roles that support the event’s success at a session hosted by the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA). In April, students got the opportunity to earn additional experience by organising an e-sports event.

St. Patricks School Library

2021 Unity Game Design Workshop

It was a student-led session where they shared their knowledge to make a first-person perspective game using Unity® software with their peers. Students own games with components to educate awareness on subjects such as being socially responsible during the epidemic at the end of the class.

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