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by | May 12, 2022

Topos Architect

Topos Architect Review

At TOPOS Architects, we believe that each project should be custom-designed to meet the needs of the location and the occupants. Throughout the design process, we rely on our clients’ input and involvement. Everything we do must have a long-term environmental impact. Every project’s ‘topos’ is something we seek to show in a beautiful way.


TOPOS Architects is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives. We’ll work together to develop attractive, elegant, and functional structures for your home and family. Our 25 years of expertise in residential and commercial design will provide you with a broad range of distinctive and beautiful options.

Designing a Diagram

  • Create a written explanation of your project’s requirements and goals.
  • Verify the actual zoning limits and entitlement procedure with the local planning and regulatory authority.
  • Obtain a topographic survey and generate measured drawings of existing buildings, where needed-consultants may be needed at an extra expense.
  • Create numerous schematic designs (including building placement, hardscapes, a pool, and a driveway, among other things) as well as early cost estimates.
  • Present and explain each option, talk about ideas, and get comments. Iteratively update the plans until we have a design that is beautiful, appropriate, within your budget, and that the jurisdiction can approve.
  • Make a thorough cost estimate.
  • Create early 3D digital models of the building and property so you can see the design concepts in real time.
  • Provide preliminary material samples so you can get a sense of how the structure will ‘feel.’

Development of Design

  • Improve and revise the schematic designs.
  • Create 3D digital models that are detailed. Elevation diagrams in schematic form. Sketches from different perspectives. As required, scale study models.
  • Create detailed schedules for the installation of outside materials and construction assembly (roofing, siding, windows, exterior doors, etc.).
  • Create preliminary schedules for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical fixtures.
  • Itemized evaluation of sustainable construction factors, such as resource and energy conservation, health, and life-cycle costs for both the local home and the global community. Prepare a project ‘Green Building’ study; consultants may be needed at an extra expense.
  • Conduct an analysis of energy efficiency (aka Title 24).
  • Conduct a preliminary structural study and calculations; extra costs may be incurred if consultants are necessary.
  • Continually update and adjust the cost estimate to keep track of expected project expenditures.
  • As needed, consult and coordinate with other design specialists, such as landscape architects, geotechnical engineers, and pool contractors.

Documents for Construction

  • Create the relevant project drawings for planning permissions.
  • Apply for and secure all required planning permits, including community outreach and hearings before the planning commission.
  • Create a comprehensive collection of drawings and construction details that accurately depict the proposed project.
  • Prepare precise structural calculations to guarantee a safe and code-compliant designconsultants may be needed at an extra expense.
  • As needed, coordinate the complete set of drawings with additional design experts.
  • Obtain the appropriate construction permissions by applying for them and getting them approved.


TOPOS Architects can keep track of your building project. You can be certain that your project is being completed according to plan and on time thanks to detailed site inspections and constant contact with the contractor and workers. TOPOS Architects is a well-established general contractor (CA License B655625) that provides a comprehensive range of construction management services. We have great working ties with a number of local subcontractors and material suppliers, which allows us to put together a competent construction team to complete your project on time and on budget.

Construction Observation

  • Manage the construction payments in accordance with the contract.
  • Hold site meetings on a regular basis.
  • Keep an eye on the development of the project and examine the timetables.
  • Maintain a constant eye on the work’s progress, quality, and speed.
  • Collaborate closely with owners and contractors to ensure that all owner choices are understood and delivered on time in order to stay on track.
  • Examine and confirm the findings of the inspection.
  • Make a ‘Punch List’ for the final project.
  • Attest to the completion of the project.

Contracting in general

  • Extensive project management.
  • Accurate cost monitoring, including thorough monthly reports that track all spending and updated cost-to-complete predictions.
  • Monthly project updates and detailed project schedule.
  • Oversight of all subcontractors and vendors.
  • Close customer involvement in the verification, selection, and procurement of all equipment and finishes.
  • Site meetings and progress updates every week.
  • Overseeing all inspections.
  • Project close-out and punch list

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