West Spring Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

West Spring Secondary School

West Spring Secondary School Logo

What To Know About West Spring Secondary School

West Spring Secondary School mould character, engage students and make a difference in people’s lives. Their knowledgeable team was favourably involved and developed to effectively nurture their students into Ladies and Gentlemen in the quest for Education. The school embraces some principles, including resilience, respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion. Students at West Spring Secondary School will grow into responsible, self-assured leaders eager to help others.

West Spring Secondary School Campus

Student Learning Space (SLS)

Students will be able to learn more effectively using technology as a result of the SLS. Students learn at their speed, whether alone or with their classmates, at any time, from anywhere. Teachers use the SLS to supplement their classroom instruction, highly increasing the learning experience of their pupils. They feel that such a learning opportunity is critical in assisting your child in becoming an active and confident digital user. The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is available via web browsers on Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android tablets. The system, however, is not optimized for use on these devices.

West Spring Secondary School Auditorium

Parent Support Group Activities to know

They planned various enjoyable and healthy activities and regular badminton sessions for parents and children to bond. Many of these activities also allowed pupils to put their school beliefs into practice. The events listed below are some of the highlights.

Harmony @ Senja CNY Celebrations

Residents of Senja Grand, Senja Gateway, and Senja Park View were visited by WSSS parents and students of many races and walks of life, who delivered Chinese New Year goods to them. Very own WSSS Guzheng Ensemble performed lively traditional music and an exciting Lion Dance performance for the residents.

Dads for Life! Laser Tag  

In this exciting laser tag challenge, WSSS fathers and students collaborated to plan, outwit, “shot, and eliminate” other teams.

Terrarium Workshop for Teachers Day 

This afternoon class was a hit with WSSS parents and kids who made mini-terrariums. These heartfelt handcrafted presents get given to the acclaimed Principal, school officials, and teachers on Instructors’ Day.

Sembawang Beach Clean-Up

The parents and students had a great day searching the beach for garbage and fresh air. The attendees witnessed the massive number of plastic bottles and other debris dumped in the water and on the beach.

West Spring Secondary School Students

Safra Yishan Adventure

Scaling up and abseiling down a 25-meter high Rock Wall, parents and students demonstrated grit and perseverance and mastered their fear of heights. They also competed in the Canopy Sky Walker obstacle course, including a cargo net trail, a broken bridge, an island walk, and a flying fox challenge!

Escape Room Hunt

In an exhilarating time-limited task, parents and children put on their detective hats and teamed up to solve codes and puzzles to escape from a “locked chamber.”

School Crest

The letter ‘W’ indicates a never-ending flow of knowledge from the book, represented by the letter ‘W.’ 

It’s also a source of knowledge that flows from the pupils to the book. The quest for knowledge is never-ending. The three red ‘S’s represent flames of learning, perseverance, and excellence.

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