Woodlands Ring Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Woodlands Ring Primary School

Woodlands Ring Primary School Gym

Know The Study Policy Of Woodlands Ring Primary School

The school was a design-and-build model, with consultant architects Mr. Wee Chwee Heng and Mr. Chew Kok Keene from Kumpulan Arkitek. It was part of the 4th generation (supplementary) building program.

Because of its location in the fast-growing Woodlands housing estate, the school served as a holding school for several other schools, including Woodlands Ring Primary School from January to July 1998. From January to March 1999,   Evergreen Primary, Sembawang Secondary School, and Orchid Park Secondary School.

CCA Policy

Our pupils in Primary 3 to Primary 6 are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one CCA at WRPS. Students who are already significantly engaged outside of school in a school-recognized sport or game and train competitively may excuse themselves. Students must report their attendance at the end of each month and pass a letter from their club or organization to the HOD PE/CCA for verification. Students are strongly urged to stay in the same CCA for the entire school year after being given one. Before graduating from Woodlands Ring Primary School, students must learn and build a set of CCA-specific knowledge and aptitude. Every CCA session requires your presence.

Club of Artists and Craftsmen

The Art & Crafts Club offers a variety of possibilities to experiment with a variety of art techniques and materials. Students participate in meaningful art-making sessions at school and on the internet to not learn more about how art but to explore diverse ways in which art gets utilised to touch people’s lives and promote joy.

Students also learn about new media art basic drawing methods in CCA lessons. These learning options allow students to accept contemporary technological advancements in the art world of the twenty-first century while also honing their fundamental drawing skills, which are essential to every art form.

Brass Ensemble

Students in Brass Band improve their instrument-playing talents with the help of seniors, instructors, and teachers. Pupils learn not just to play instruments in a group setting but also to be disciplined and accountable for their studies and equipment. During practice sessions, students also demonstrate our school’s values of resilience, putting out the effort to enhance their playing skills, and caring by guiding and learning from one another. Teamwork is crucial while learning to play in tandem. The member’s band have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, and love music. They also reflect on how they may improve by leveraging one another’s abilities.


Both boys and girls are welcome to join the Cub Scouts CCA. The CCA’s goal is to create an engaging group atmosphere while also working develop Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts will learn to lead and work as a team with others in addition to our school’s fundamental values of integrity, respect, resilience, responsibility, and care. CCA activities primarily handled through games, small group interaction, and activities. Cub Scouts will also get the option to volunteer in the community and attend camps where they will meet other Cub Scouts and Service Scouts from different schools.

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