Woodlands Ring Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Woodlands Ring Secondary School

Woodlands Ring Secondary School Students

Guide To Know About Woodlands Ring Secondary School

Woodlands Ring Secondary School emphasizes comprehensive, values-driven student development programs to engage the hearts and minds of students. They provide a safe and conducive learning atmosphere for students to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. Students and staff are encouraged to follow the school motto: Work hard and smart, Rise to every challenge, and Serve the school and community. Self-directed and confident learners, collaborative and innovative thinkers, and concerned and contributing citizens are the Woodlands Ring Secondary School Student Desired Outcomes.

Meta Description

Woodlands Ring Secondary School (WRSS) is a Singapore secondary school that first welcomed 395 Secondary One students on January 2, 1998.

Woodlands Ring Secondary School Brigade

Distinctive Programs

Learning for Life Programme

Woodlands Ring Secondary School Learning for Life is a community-based program that focuses on developing student leadership.

On Fridays, scenes of students engaged in games and activities greet visitors as they pass through the Lower Secondary blocks’ halls. Students discover their talents and limitations as a result of the planned exercises.

Woodlands Ring Secondary School Canteen

Applied Learning Programme

ALP focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in Woodlands Ring Secondary School (WRSS) (STEM). As a result, our school provides Robotics Education and Enterprise for all Lower Secondary pupils (TREE). The Robotics domain gets offered at 11 secondary schools, including WRSS. It’s a method that emphasizes real-world, practice-based learning.

Aesthetics Education Programme

Through music and art, students will develop a vibrant curiosity and an inquiring mind as part of the Arts Education Program. The General Music Program creates a lifetime love of music in pupils and gives each student an equal chance to study an instrument. It also intends to use music to help kids grow into dynamic leaders. 

School Achievements


People Developer Award

Development Award for National Education

Schools Green Audit Award – Lotus (Sustained Award)


Schools Green Audit Award – Lotus (Sustained Award)


Total Defence Award (Distinguished)


BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award


North West Outstanding School Partner Award (Bronze)

Schools Green Audit Award – Yellow Flame Award


Schools Green Audit Award – Yellow Flame Award


Schools Green Audit Award – Yellow Flame Award

School Crest

Woodlands Ring Secondary School, WRSS, is the initials on the school crest. It guards the spirit of progress, strength, and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge for a better future.

The W in the shape of a pair of hands represents the solid and warm assistance pupil needs to grow and realize their full potential. A bright, balanced, and wholesome individual reared in constant love, a caring atmosphere gets symbolized by R, which depicts by the ring surrounding the five-pointed stars. Each point on the star represents a different aspect of development, such as cognitive, physical, social, moral, and aesthetic.

The double SS represents the flame of knowledge, which illuminates the path of the rising star to continue the pioneering spirit’s strong traditions. The colour RED represents vitality and vigour and the will to succeed. 

GREEN represents development and growth. GOLDEN YELLOW emanates hope, wisdom, and warmth like the sun’s rays.

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