Woodlands Secondary School

by | Jun 29, 2022

Woodlands Secondary School

Woodlands Secondary School Logo

Everything Know About Woodlands Secondary School

Woodlands Secondary School was founded in 1982 to offer a well-rounded education to its students. Secondary education is a journey of developing abilities and potential. The school builds Strong hearts and creative brains ready to serve society. The school’s core values include development, respect, resilience, empathy, appreciation, and dependability. Sports, athletics, and the performing arts have earned the institution a reputation for greatness. The faculty at Woodlands Secondary School is knowledgeable and dedicated to assisting students in discovering and developing their worth.

Woodlands Secondary School Singapore

Distinctive Program

ALP – Food Science and Technology

ALP is non-examinable, giving students the freedom to explore, broaden their general knowledge, and develop an interest in Food Science and Technology beyond what gets included in the curriculum.

Woodlands Secondary School Campus

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Every Woodlander has unique abilities to get used to making a primary difference in their lives and the lives of others. The LLP aspires to cultivate the spirit of the engaged citizenry through three Tiers, guided by Robert K Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Philosophy (since 1970).

  • Tier 1- for everyone in the woodlands
  • Tier 2 – for our children’s desires
  • Tier 3 – extending those who are passionate about community involvement (youth ambassadors).

Woodlands Secondary School Music

School Crest

The general blue tone represents the school’s proximity to the sea. Blue is associated with peace, tranquillity, and a sense of being near to nature. The six-pointed golden star represents the development of an individual’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, and moral elements, enhanced to a fineness symbolized by the star’s points.

The stylized W is shaped like a flying bird, symbolizing spiritual purity and a desire to achieve greater heights. It promotes a sense of belonging and pride in the school by focusing on loyalty.

Woodlands Secondary School Field

Grooming and attire

Students must adhere to the school’s dress code. It is not permissible to alter the outfit. On Mondays, students must report to school dressed in their full uniform. Students may wear the school Polo T-shirt with their pants/skirts Tuesdays through Fridays.

Students who attend school on Saturdays or after school hours should dress appropriately. It implies kids should beget dressed in full uniforms, such as a Polo T-shirt and school pants/skirts, or half-uniform, such as a PE T-shirt and school pants/skirts. Students should also dress when leaving school after the day or class.

The school uniform must be worn Properly and smartly at all times, with the shirt tucked in:

  • Monday morning assemblies need school ties to get worn. 
  • School skirts that are knee-length or longer get needed for female students.
  • It is not permissible to change the clothing, such as tapering lengthy pants.
  • After PE, students should change their school uniform or Polo T-shirt with school pants/skirts.
  • White socks and white shoe laces get required for students. Only thin, unobtrusive lines around the shoe’s base are permitted. White socks must get worn above the ankle.

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